[VIDEO] Ford recycles disposed plastic bottles for interior carpets in its vehicles


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Did you know that millions of plastic bottles are used yearly all over the world without being properly disposed of? See how Ford reuses them in its cars!

Many people don’t know that Plastic waste is one of the world’s biggest problem today, so we were really impressed here at Naijauto to see the clever way Ford has found and adopted for reusing plastic bottles especially in its vehicles.

Latest news about automotive technologies has it that each of the new Ford EcoSport SUV actually features a type of carpet which has been manufactured using a total of 470 “single-use” different plastic bottles. Ever since the introduction of the SUV in the year 2012, the automaker has accumulated a total of over 650 million “500ml” plastic bottles for this “reuse” production purpose. The weight of all of the 650 million bottles combined is measured to be 8,262 metric tons estimated and if they were to be attached end-to-end, they would stretch around the earth more than twice.

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The carpet featured in the Ford EcoSport SUV is made out of recycled “Single-use” plastic bottles

By record, it’s been over 2 decades now that Ford has been using these recycled plastic bottles in some of its vehicles and the automaker was the first in Mondeo to do such.

  Turning plastic bottles into carpets

Ford Motor Company’s Materials engineer, Tony Weatherhead said;

“Consumers have a hugely increased awareness of the harm that simply discarding plastic can do – but we have long been on a mission to increase the proportion of recycled and renewable materials that are used in every new car we make,”

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Looking back over the past 20-years now, Ford has been successfully recycling and reusing a total of 1.2 billion plastic bottles globally per annum.

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