Ford produced the first car key over 100 years ago


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The very first car key in automotive history was produced by Ford over 100 years ago. It looked nothing like what is obtainable today.

No matter how great a car’s performance is, without getting it to move, it is like an object in a Museum. To get it moving, you need to start the ignition. This is where a key comes in. Simply put, a key is used to set a car in motion.


The first car key was produced for Ford's Model T

Today, there are numerous types of car keys. The latest are an embodiment of technology. As a matter of fact, physical contact is no longer mandatory for a key to start a car. With remote controls, cars can be started from remote areas, far away from where they are parked. Amid the perks of technology, have you ever stopped to wonder what the first car key was like?

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At a time when technology was primitive, it is understandable that starting a car was void of all the frills we see today. Cars began to grow in popularity over 112 years ago. In 1908, Ford became a game-changer in automotive history, overhauling its manufacturing chain and internal operations. With this positive development came the very first car key recorded in history.

Ford’s founder, Henry Ford, manufactured the Model T car, and it came along with a key. As seen in the photo, the key is as mechanical as it can be. It literally scores 0 in aesthetics. At the time, its function was quite simple – start the car and stop it. Meeting this function was a big achievement.

Car owners at the time could finally breathe a sigh of relief as their cars were protected from unauthorized access. Only owners in possession of their keys could move their cars. Today, it is a totally different story as automakers create keys that are simply incredible.

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