Ford develops 2 new technologies that allow cars to communicate with road users


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Ford has developed a new technology that allows vehicles to communicate with road users. This new development is going to help save lives! See how it works!

The future of mobility has been accelerated as some car companies have started working on Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) communication technology. However, Ford has revealed a rousing new development which has to do with Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) technology.

1. Ford technology to allow cars to communicate with wireless devices

While it has been acknowledged that adopting this new C-V2X technology immediately, from the global perspective, will be a difficult challenge, Ford has gone ahead to introduce a new device at a meeting held by the Intelligent Transportation Society of America. Reports reaching Naijauto says the device lets vehicles to communicate with other people who use the roads like pedestrians, motorcyclists and people who ride e-scooter.

Basically, it’s a box that could be placed at intersections, while the device enables various wireless technologies to communicate with one another.

According to Ford,

"the roadside unit acts as an interpreter that can translate signals from different wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and C-V2X."

Going by that explanation, one can deduct those devices which have Bluetooth like smartphones or even wearable ones can send a signal of people's location to cars. For instance, a pedestrian may be crossing a street and their smartphones will notify close by drivers to stop their cars until the road is clear.


Another device by Ford allows vehicles to communicate with others, deciding who goes first

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2. Ford tech in autonomous cars can talk to human-driven cars

Ford also revealed another technology at the meeting. The technology will be geared towards allowing self-driving cars to talk to human-driven cars. Ford said that humans find it easy to communicate at a four-way stop, even with a wave of the hand. But autonomous cars are unable to do it.

So for this reason, the engineers at Ford are building an "unalterable blockchain-based system" which will decide which car should go first. The demonstration video explains how it works. There, three cars are seen arriving at an intersection at the same time. The technology decides that the two other cars should go first, while the other Ford F-150 driver received a message that asked him to wait.

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Jane Osuagwu
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