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If you think overloading is common with Nigerian motorists alone, then you will be shocked to see what this U.S driver did to a Ford Mustang Coupe!

Over the years, there are have been too many times that Nigerian motorists got into trouble for ridiculously loading their vehicles beyond proper cargo limit. This particular traffic offence is just so common among Nigerian motorists that many people will hardly believe that drivers in other developed countries do such things as well. This is the reason why we felt like sharing a particular picture we came across on the Internet recently which shows the moment a U.S driver “annoyingly” overloaded a Ford Mustang coupe.


This photo was recently taken in Florida, USA and it shows an unbelievably overloaded Ford Mustang Coupe

On one side, we cannot but express sincere shock over just how much metallic load the Ford Mustang owner was able to load on his or her car using ridiculous but ingenious methods. With these funny methods, the “unforgiven” driver was able to use the Ford Mustang coupe to haul gigantic rolls of chicken net wire and dozens of large steel pipes. Quite an unbelievable method of using a sports Coupe to perform the same task which should have been done with a proper pickup truck or cargo van.

While the above photo might look like a clever way of using a small car to haul big loads, we have to clearly point out that the Ford Mustang subjected to such overloading will surely feel the impact. Yes, the small Coupe will definitely suffer some scratches and dents to its body while other parts like its brake and transmission system would have also “overworked” unnecessarily.

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To also prove that other drivers in countries all over the world practice similar “ridiculous” overloading, watch this compilation video below.

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