Ford Mach-E creates new trend, introducing trunk as food flask


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Weird but true, Ford advertises that its new Mach-E electric SUV's modern trunk space can be used as a food flask or cooler. See photos here!

Would you ever believe that a vehicle’s trunk can be used as a cooler or food flask? This is exactly what renowned American automaker Ford has done with its latest Mach-E SUV.


Meet the new Ford Mach-E that comes with an unconventional trunk space useable as food flask

First, this all-electric Ford Mach-E SUV has a front trunk or frunk space like every typical modern electric car but then this space is now equipped with facilities to make it useable as a cooler or food flask. This space comes with a drainage hole located at the bottom part as well as a plastic liner and a wide 4.8 cubic feet (36 gallons) of incredible storage space. Ford advertised that available space is so huge that it is capable of holding as much 1000 wings of full-grown chicken wings or a “carry-on-size” suitcase.

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You can keep or serve food and drinks from the new trunk of a Ford Mach-E SUV

From the above images released by Ford motors, it is clearly visible how some users are serving shrimps from the new trunk space filled with ice blocks as well as other users serving fried chicken wings from it. This new innovation is just incredible and highly plausible as many SUV users will love the idea. It's pretty obvious that this new Ford Mach-E will be the perfect choice for customers hoping to take their SUVs Camping, for other recreation, and parties. It’s one SUV that fits all.

Bringing it home to Nigeria, the feature will be absolutely accepted and spread like wildfire as we love parties and food (OWAMBE). It will serve as the perfect cooler that fits well into every possible application we can think of.

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This might just be the perfect vehicle for Nigerian street food sellers, caterers, chefs, and party rockers, isn’t it?

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