Ford introduces Hi-tech seats which charge your phone right from your pant pocket


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Ford is set to launch high-tech 3D Knitted seats that will be capable of charging your phone while it remains in your pant pocket. The automaker is aiming high with this special fibre, check it!

It appears superheroes do not only save the day in the movies like many people often believe. What if we tell you that your car seats can indeed save your day as well, especially when your phone battery is drained and you need to make that important call. Technology is emerging at the speed of light. We are confronted with new innovation on a daily basis, which we couldn’t have imagined years back.


The 3D knitting will cut waste commonly associated with conventional seat materials, and will charge your phone

1. What Ford cars can do with hi-tech seats

A lot of cars that would be produced for the next generation will be able to do many things aside taking you to your destination. Drivers’ health will be duly monitored, these vehicles will offer control over windows and doors, provide well-integrated heat system and most importantly, their seats will charge your phone right inside your pant pocket.


2020 Ford Puma will offer removable and washable seat covers with fabric choices and other stunning features

The automaker, Ford, is taking us right into the future by working on materials that would bring these unbelievable interior changes into reality. The iconic car manufacturer believes that this 3D knitting used in the production of high-end sneakers could be utilized for more breathable and stunning materials for seating in new vehicles. The introduction of removable seat cover will give car owners varieties and a high level of personalization such as colours and graphics.

Ford revealed that the technology will feature an inbuilt wireless phone charging connectivity that will be equipped into future cars. This 3D knitting technology prevents waste accustomed to cutting and sewing. It will make use of materials such as polyester, wool, silk, recycled materials and even carbon.

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The 3D knitting technology is an insight into how the car seats of the future look like

Anais Castinel, Ford’s interior designer, recently said:

“3D knitting offers intriguing possibilities that push the boundaries of design and make journeys more comfortable and convenient for the driver and passengers”.

The 3D seat cover by Ford will be engineered to fit in perfectly into any shape of car seat and could also extend to other parts of the interior design.

The newly released Ford Puma will offer the first-ever Ford’s washable and removable seat cover with choices of fabrics, integrated Zipper system, names, logo or even picture of the customers.

2. Other automakers are also speeding up in fabric technologies

From the report that reached us on Naijauto, Ford isn’t the only automaker that is working on this kind of technology of replacing existing fabrics with high-tech fabric, Bentley in its Continental GT Convertible, just released a tweed-like option to excite its loyal customers and attract more.

Maserati, an Italian automaker, decided to form a partnership with Zegna, by offering its customers silk-based car seats that feel and look like a high-end suit. Range Rover opted for a more unique method by equipping its Luxury Velar SUV with wool blends sourced from Australia and New Zealand as a costlier replacement for convention leather seating material.

Ford 3D Seats Will Charge Your Phone!

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