Ford recalls recent F-150 & F-Series pickups again for fire risk


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Are you a Ford-150 owner, then get in here. Read Ford recalls thousand F-150 & F-Series pickups again for fire risk. See if your model has been recalled as well!

US-based auto manufacturer, Ford Motor Company is recalling 327,000 of its pickups made in North American to fix problems with the engine block heater cable which is capable of causing a fire. This is its second recall. According to reports reaching, the service procedures carried out on the first recall may have accidentally damaged the cable splice connectors and this may become a fire risk to Ford-150 owners.


Most recalled Ford belong to 2017-2019 models

The Ford-150 super duty trucks are among the first recalled batch of Ford brands comprising of 874,000 vehicles. They were recollected in December 2018 to sort out a wiring issue. From what is being said, no instant fix is available.

Following a statement made by Ford, a fire that happened in Canada and the US may likely be traced to block heater usage after they had successfully completed the 2018 recall. Again, Ford is in the know of another fire report from Canada which was actually the reason for the first recall in 2018.

The affected vehicles recalled for the second time now is 131,068 from America and federalized territories, while there are 196,269 from Canada.

Let's see the affected vehicles.

  • Ford F -150

Model: 2015-2019

Place of manufacture: Dearborn Truck Plant, Michigan, with Manufacturing date being March 18th, 2014-November 17th, 2018

Place of manufacture: Kansas City Assembly Plant, with manufacturing date as August 21st, 2014- November 2018

  • Ford F-Series

Model: 2017-2019

Place of manufacture: Ohio Assembly Plant, with manufacturing date as February 5th 2016-November 17th 2018

Place of manufacture: Kentucky Truck Plant, with manufacturing date as October 8th, 2015- November 17, 2018


This Ford F-Series 2018 is also listed in recall list

Ford issued a warning to owners of Ford trucks, pointing out some problems that can emanate from a damaged block heater cable. Ford says it can cause a household breaker to trip. Others are an inoperative engine block heater or a resistive short that's capable of overheating or melting wire and then a fire, when the Ford truck is parked with the block heater plugged in.

The problem will be fixed by dealerships. This will be done by first cutting the plug end prongs off to disable the engine block heater cable, then use a silicone sealant to seal up the end cap.

Ford will notify its customers when a replacement for the engine block cable is available.

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