3,000 complaints & 50 legal grievances against Ford Explorer for causing migraine headache to car owners


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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If you are driving Ford Explorer SUV, you should probably be wary of what you might inhale while behind the wheel. Click here for full story!

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Seems like while we are witnessing some of the biggest automotive designs and technology in history, we are also encountering multiple issues with several auto brands from car owners all over the world. Some problems might be as a safety, performance or even environmental impact from various harmful emissions. Either way, automakers need to put more efforts into ensuring that these vehicles they are releasing to the market actually pass all sorts of tests, such as performance test, safety test, and emission test among several other tests that will put buyers’ mind at bay.

Such is the case with American automaker, Ford. People are pouring in thousands of complaints and some have even taken it beyond just that, they are already filing legal actions against Ford. They literally believe that Ford Explorer is making them sick. When you feel dizziness or migraine from driving Ford Explorer, just know that you are not the only one in this problem. Reports around the world support the claim that there are similar cases of sickness from driving the Explorer.


You don't have to be a driver to feel sick when exposed to exhaust fume, but even as a passenger

More than three thousand complaints and fifty legal grievances have been nationally raised against Ford so far. The issues are as a result of nausea to dizziness and also migraine when you decide to sit behind the wheel and drive their SUV, Ford Explorers.

Poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide and other excessive fumes always gain access to the inner cabin of the car. Similar report was also filed by many police departments in the United States. The Ford in question is the 2017 Ford Explorer, which has exposed so many police officers to the same health issues. Recently, Austin, police force from Texas had to pull close to four hundred units of Ford Explorers, which are used as police interceptor from their fleet. One officer even went as far as suing the company on safety and health ground.


Some of the Ford Explorers used as Police interceptors were also withdrawn on health grounds.

These several grievances in the United States are not only on 2017 Ford Explorer, but the products from 2000 to 2018. In another report that just got to us, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), commenced its investigation into the complaints in 2016. No action was taken until a year after, discovering preliminary proof of risky carbon monoxide level inside the SUV. It is important to note that any declaration of “unsafe” with these SUVs from Ford, the company will be in serious recall crisis. This means, Ford might need to recall millions of vehicles across the country.

All of our testing to date has shown these vehicles are safe, spokesman Mike Levine said in a statement to Bloomberg. Ford's investigation has not found carbon monoxide levels that exceed what people are exposed to every day.

Ford has already taken a step to solve the issue. This was evident in 2012, when the American automaker gave an instruction to dealerships all over the country to find a solution by fixing the main cause of the problem. The exhaust manifold and catalytic converter were identified as the components that need to be repaired. Also in 2017, Ford took another initiative to effectively solve the problem. This was made clear in a noted statement by the company. But the problems still persist in these Ford Explorer SUVs despite the fixes done by the company, according to a report by Bloomberg.

Drivers fear Ford Explorer leaks exhaust fumes

If you are driving a Ford Explorer SUV in Nigeria and you notice similar case of toxic gases finding their way into the inner cabin, you might need to file a report or fix it by yourself for your safety.

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