Watch how Ford designers work with VR to make car concepts!


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Thanks to virtual reality (VR), Ford designers can now work together digitally and share ideas from wherever they are, in real time, without flying across country or continents.

Thanks to the constant technological advancements in the world, people can now work from anywhere without having to report to an actual office or make any physical contact. Popular car manufacturer, Ford, has decided to take advantage of that to allow their stylists work together more creatively without using up too much resources. Thanks to virtual reality (VR), Ford designers can now work together digitally and share ideas from wherever they are, in real time, without flying accross country or continents.


Ford designers can now work from anywhere with the aid of virtual reality from gravity sketch software

Gravity sketch, a software company, has gone into partnership with Ford to make this possible. The software that is being used is also called gravity sketch, and has a "co-creation" feature that let people work together and actually feel like they are in the same physical work space. This way, stylists can even create 3D designs and make adjustments to them - all in real time.

Michael Smith, the design manager at Ford Motors, stated that the idea was to save time and also allow designers be more creative.

"The Co-Creation feature adds more voices to the conversation in a virtual environment, which results in more efficient design work that may help accelerate a vehicle program's development,"

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Smith was quoted as saying while delivering a statement recently. He also added that this will also allow designers have different views of a given design, as what may appeal to stylists in one region, may not look that fantastic to those in another.

With the gravity sketch software, a designer is not just drawing a car on an app but making it more real by drawing the shapes and lines around themselves. It's also made easy for others to see what the stylist is doing with the help of the HTC vive headset - which Ford designers involved will wear for better experience. The co-creation feature also allows as many as 10 designers work together in real time. It saves them a lot of time and resources as compared to when stylists have to draw up just 2D designs, put it up and wait for another designer to edit and send it back.

Watch how Ford designers work with VR at their office!

Car experts believe that if this works perfectly for Ford, sooner or not so much later, other automakers will key into the technology in other to boost their own productions and cut down on time wastage and money. Another good thing about the technology is that VR can also be used in training staff. From designers, marketers, engineers and so on, they won't need to be in one big building taking lectures from a mighty projector - when they can simply get the necessary training required digitally via VR.

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