Ford cars can warn drivers about accident & traffic jams ahead


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Fordpass has been run many tests on European roads and will be soon officially launched for 2020 models.

As a driver, you, on a lot of occasions, wished you knew what was ahead of you on the road to save you from unexpected hazards.

Well, Ford is about to make that wish come true with its new feature called Local Hazard Information Technology (LHI), which will warn drivers about traffic jams, bad weather and upcoming accidents on the road.

Ford-Local- Hazard- Information -Technology

With the Ford Local Hazard Information Technology, cars can start to see around the corner

This latest technology was first tested on the new Ford Puma around European roads and it was successful. Now, Ford reportedly wants about 80% of its 2020 models to be fitted with LHI Technology.

The American automaker explained that the technology can only be activated by Ford cars that are ahead on the road, which uses the FordPass Connect modem and receives 4G internet connection.

Activities the new feature can monitor in cars already ahead, as gathered by Naijauto, includes emergency braking, airbag deployment, fog lights, traction control to identify bad weather and condition of the road.

Ford claims the technology works autonomously to generate information or give warning, unlike some new apps that are operated manually. The information collated from connected cars, authorities and emergency services will be saved in the cloud.

The Executive Director, Engineering, Ford of Europe, Joerg Beyer, said,

What makes Local Hazard Information different is that it is the cars that are connected – via the Internet of Things. 

There is no reliance on third party apps. This is a significant step forward. Warnings are specific, relevant and tailored to try to help improve your specific journey.


The Local Hazard Information Technology was tested on the Ford Puma in Europe

The FordPass Connect modem is a standard feature, with a 2-year complimentary subscription. If customers continue to use the service, they will have to pay £60(N28, 000) as an annual subscription fee plus VAT.

In simple terms, here's how the Local Hazard Information Technology works.

Ford cars that have the FordPass Connect modem and a 4G internet connection will instantly upload information about the state of the road or what's happening. The collated data will be saved in the cloud, together with other information gathered from authorities and emergency services.

The information gathered will be sent to road users close by who may not be aware of what's happening ahead.

The information will be displayed on their car's dashboard.

Video: 2018 Ford Mustang FordPass App

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