Hot chase! Insanely fast Follow-Me car chases Emirate Superjumbo during take-off


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Do you reckon any car to be powerful and fast enough to outrun this SuperJumbo owned by Emirate Airline? This follow-me car has well done its job anyway. See the video here!

If you think your car has what it takes to chase down an aircraft, you need to see this remarkable video clip shared on the official twitter page belonging to Dubai Emirate airline, capturing when the largest passenger airliner in the world, Emirate Superjumbo, was chased down by a very fast Follow-Me car down the track for take-off.


The speedy Follow-Me car was captured by Carspotter giving this Superjumbo aircraft a hot chase

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Interestingly, the insanely fast Follow-Me car was unable to meet up with the aircraft, which eventually soars off right into the night sky.

According to spokesperson to Emirate Airline, a Carspotter captured this amazing video. The Superjumbo A380 aircraft according to the airline was on its way to Dubai after taking off from Dusseldorf, Germany.

“What you see here is that our A380 takes-off and then the airport follow me car goes on the runway to carry out a routine inspection”

“This is an airport ‘follow me’ car. One of its tasks is to frequently check runways / taxiways for debris to enable smooth operations. Airports have such vehicles, used for a variety of functions”


Emirate Airline's official Twitter page sharing the Superjumbo's hot chase by the insanely fast Follow-Me car

After multiple of enquiries made by its followers on twitter, the spokesperson further said:

“Here, the car is not patrolling the flight per se, it is checking the runway. In some cases, they are used to guide aircraft to their parking positions /gates”

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AIRBUS A380 DEPARTURE with a FOLLOW ME CAR CHASING the A380 on the runway (4K

There is no doubt that the oil-rich Dubai is very splendid place to be, having a department of police with insanely expensive Hypercars used for patrol service.The city also boasts of exotic fleet of Follow-Me cars available at its International Airport.

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