5 reasons that make flying cars still only an idea


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People have dreamed of flying cars for so long, but automakers have not brought them to practice yet. Why?

Many people have raised the question why flying cars remain unavailable as a concept but no one has unraveled this mystery. Actually, there are some causes that stop automakers bring them to practice (Google's the Flyer is the most quintessential example that has never been destined the day it will be released). Here Naijauto.com has collected them all for you.


a white flying car

Do you think bringing flying cars into mass production is a good idea?

1. Marketing

You hardly find a valid reason to promote the concept of a flying car when private helicopters, exec jets, and passenger planes occupy most of the market. This type of cars, if produced, might be in consideration of the affluent only but it’s also a rare case. Hence, marketing strategy is of no use.

2. Regulatory

It is impossible for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to accept some non-trained “drivers” flying around. Also, the air traffic control is hectic with many things, so getting more work with flying cars is not a good idea.

a black man in the air traffic control station

The air traffic control will get more tasks with flying cars

3. Flying phobia

Flying, actually, is phobia to many people that they have to visit doctors to overcome. Additionally, people sitting in driver seats on flying cars cannot enjoy coffees, reading books and newspaper, or relaxing, which is a common case when traveling by plane.

Also, controlling a flying transport requires severe training, alertness and frequent practice and not all can do.

4. An Expensive Affair

A combination of a car and an aircraft definitely would not be a cheap conveyance. The price of a flying car might not be up to millions of dollars but enough to stop carmakers to market it. In fact, the vehicle for a flying car might cost approximate $300,000 (~N116m), as tagged by Terrafugia, a private car/plane company. So now you can think about how much you have to pay for a flying car in the future.

5. Bad weather

Let's think how many flights have been postponed as the result of the bad weather. And let's think how challenging it will be when you are driving a flying car and experience a sudden thunderstorm and lighting. Although your car is particularly manufactured to deal with it, a journey in bad weather definitely will not be easy, not to mention the poor clarity.

lightning in the sky

Driving a flying car in bad weather is dangerous

What’s more, the cars’ aerodynamics will be affected by the air temperature during taking off and landing process.

Producing a flying car is extremely complicated, even with automakers having great knowledge of the industry. In addition, similar vehicles, such as aircraft are performing successfully (except for some problems), so flying cars are hardly a need, even in this modern world.

People always acquire more so there will be not much surprise if we can drive a flying car someday.

Video: Flying Cars: Best Or Worst Idea Ever?

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