Flying cars in Nigeria: Are we ready?


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The whole world is looking for a real revelation of flying cars in the future but looking at Nigeria, are we ready for it?


So, you want to fly!

As hilarious as this may sound, it is true that some Nigerians actually want to have flying cars.

Hold on, hold on. There is nothing wrong with having a desire. However, the feasibility of that desire is something else entirely.

We know that cars were made to function on land. The roads and cars that we drive are all built using a two-dimensional system, such that we drive forward and backward and from side to side.

Flying, however, is a whole different ball game. In this article, we would briefly look at the things that are required to have a successful car flying in our atmosphere and whether we are ready for it.

One of the earliest mentions of a flying car was by Henry Ford in 1926. Even though the attempt was unsuccessful, it paved the way for new attempts at getting cars into the atmosphere.

Just to be clear, we have not been able to produce flying cars enmasse anywhere in the world. It is understandable, because of the following factors:

1. Nigerian environment is not right for flying cars

The environment in Nigeria is not set up to have cars in the atmosphere. Almost every hundred metres or so, there is a ‘Nepa pole’ here and there. Several wires that should not exist might even be placed in the way of the car. Some of the flying cars today are self-driving cars. This means that they would need a lot of communication with road signs, traffic lights and the likes. Most Nigerian roads do not have the facility to allow this to happen.

2. Nigeria doesn't have enough tech to operate flying cars

Creating normal automobiles with two-dimensional movement is challenging enough, how much more in 4 dimensions. The car would require a lot of technology to keep it steady and avoid mid-air collisions. In fact, trying to monitor the up and down component of the vectors would be almost impossible. Therefore, most of the cars that are currently in production would utilize a self-driving option. Artificial intelligence is something that has not really taken root in Nigeria at the moment and might take a while for us to develop a structure that even allows it to operate our roads.


Do you think Nigerian roads have enough high tech infrastructure to operate flying cars?

Nigeria is just not ready for a new dimension of flying cars.

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3. Flying cars are just not affordable to most Naija people

This is a big deal in determining how soon we would be seeing flying cars on our roads. The cost of one type of flying car was put at about 10 million dollars. This means that only very few people would be able to afford it. Generally speaking, one of the reasons why these cars have not been mass produced is because of the cost of production. Very few people would be able to afford them at high prices and this would not be able to bring in profits, on the side of the manufacturer.


A flying car can cost up to 10 million dollars

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4. Who could drive them?

Anyone that would drive a flying car would have to be both a driver and a pilot. In Nigeria, some of our road drivers are even terrible to begin with. Driving on the road is a challenge seeing the very high rate of road traffic accidents in our environment. Therefore, getting a driver for such a vehicle would be a major challenge.


Driving flying cars is not easy at all

5. How could flying cars get enough electricity in Nigeria?

Right now, it would have to be mostly electrical and Nigeria does not have the kind of infrastructure of constant supply of electricity to power flying cars. Such cars would require an enormous amount of energy due to the work that they would be doing and you really do not want to have a power failure when you are about 1000 feet in the air!

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6. Their noise is too much for the already noisy cities of Nigeria

Closely attached to the power problem is the noise issue. Aircrafts usually make a lot of noise when taking off or landing. If we would have flying cars, they would be operated within a city, where people live. The noise alone cannot blend well into the city setting. It would be a huge source of disturbance in an already noisy place. If there are many of them, residential houses would have a big problem with such. 


Flying cars are very noisy

7. And the government ish thing...

In Nigeria, the government has not really shown a very strong political will to execute a project of such magnitude. Any government that would bring flying cars into a country would need trillions of dollars to get this done. Nigeria is not one of those country that can afford such an amount. Even when we have some of the money, our leaders might ensure that the money is used for something else and really, you would not want to be travelling in the air with a substandard car, just because someone decided to embezzle funds!

That would not be funny at all!

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So, any future we can get flying cars here in Nigeria?

In the world today, flying cars are still in different phases of development and car manufacturers like Volvo are trying to see a way they can beat all the limitations that they are facing in its production. 

By the way, Volvo has built the Tf-X, but mass production is yet to begin as they are still in the developmental phase. Different tests and calculations going on to ensure that the car that is eventually produced is safe, efficient and controllable. 

However, all of this is happening in countries more advanced than Nigeria. 

In Nigeria, we still have an automobile market that is dominated by tokunbo cars. Our car manufacturing and assembly plants are a shadow of themselves and it seems no one is concerned about the situation of things. 

However, we should also say that the technology that came into being in the last century is nothing compared to the advancements in technology that took place in the last decade.

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My point?

At the rate we are going, we would not be surprised that in a couple of years, some people would come with a model that would make us all become driving-pilots!

Therefore, we are not there yet, but we would get there, eventually! is the no.1 platform for car buying and selling, as well as informative car gist for Naija people. Always visit our Car News for more posts like this. You can also find Car Tips, Car Review and Car Prices on our website. Stay tuned!

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