These 11 world flying car projects are much real than you imagined


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What many had thought to be a fairy-tale or an impossible dream is fast becoming a reality. Check out these 11 flying car projects many couldn't have imagined years back!

When we hear about ‘Flying Cars’, what comes to mind is sci-fi movies and possibly books, especially for children. We had imagined the possibility of flying cars right from our childhood and it would be such a great feeling for many people to experience this in their lifetime. Well, the good news is; this is likely to happen sooner than we ever expected.

Several car manufacturing companies are taking major steps towards the realization of this big dream of ours and we should be seeing some of these cars right above our heads in few years’ time. Here on Naijauto are the 11 world flying cars projects that are much real than you imagined.

1. Terrafugia TF-X

The Terrafugia TF-X project was established by a team of graduates from MIT in 2006. Currently, they are developing 2 incredible and unarguably impressive flying car projects. The first project – Transition – is slated to become the first practical flying car in the world.


The Terrafugia's second project - TF-X - will come as commercially produced fully-electric flying cars

The second project – TF-X – is the model they intend use as revolution for the transportation industry as they are planning on producing it for commercial purpose. The TF-X will be an all-electric car, to be controlled by use of computer. It will be a vertical takeoff and landing car.

2. Joby Aviation’s Air Taxi

For several years now, this company – Joby Aviation – had been working on a private aerial craft before it getting huge investment fund from the likes of Intel and Toyota. As stated in the condition for this fund injection, the company will ensure there is availability of all electric cars to be used for air taxi in the nearest future.


Unlike many flying car projects, Joby's Air taxi will be able to convey five passengers in its cabin

The car comes designed with an impressive space for 5 occupants, which makes it bigger and a bit heavier than most of its competitors. The car will look like an airplane with many propellers.

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3. DeLorean DR-7

This company might have provided many insane cars for cinema purpose but it is currently working on a real-life car. DeLorean Aerospace is headed by Paul DeLorean who happens to be John DeLorean’s nephew. John was responsible for design of gull-wing car used in ‘Back To The Future’ film featuring DR. Brown’s time travelling machine. The autonomous DR-7 will feature electric propulsion without any need for pilot or operator.


DeLorean has a reputation for designing cars for movies

4. PAL-V Liberty

A Dutch Aerospace company, PAL-V, is about to finish work on their flying car project, which is called ‘The Liberty’. Remarkably, they are planning to start taking pre-order in 2019. This means, they are likely to produce the first commercially available flying cars. According to Robert Dingemanse, the company’s CEO, all they need now to make the flying car market ready is required certifications. The liberty will run 2 engines, each designed to be used in the air or on the road, with land peak speed of 160 kph and air peak speed at 180 kph. It is slated to be valued at $400,000 (~N145.3 million).


If we are to experience flying cars anytime soon, it might be the PAL-V Liberty as the company is nearing its completion


Currently, Uber are making their own flying car project –VTOL – to be used as taxis. The “UBERAIR”, which is the program, will be firstly introduced in Los Angeles or Dallas. Uber has teamed up with 5 companies to make this project successful and they plan to roll them out in 2020.


Uber in partnership with 5 companies, is coming out soon with its very first air taxi by 2020

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6. Airbus Vahana

‘Vahana’ is a personal flying car project of Airbus, which is going to be a fully autonomous all-electric VTOL. Since Airbus is a big company with lots of success story on its resume, this project that will be dependent on autopilot software should be a reality. The flying car is also expected to fly itself for upgrades or maintenance when needed.


With its autopilot software, the Airbus Vahana should be able to carry out some maintenance and upgrading function on its own

7. Lilium Jet

Lilium Aviation is a startup company from Germany, and also going into the flying car project capable of accommodating maximum of five passengers. They are also working on making it possible to summon their flying cars via an app on the smartphone. Their products will be jet-powered with a range of 300 km, by using electricity. This means, within an hour, the car should be able to make a journey from Paris to London.


The super fast all-electric Lilium Jet with a top speed of 300 km will get you to your destination faster than you imagined

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8. VRCO NeoXCraft

The VRCO is a British company currently working on making a flying car of their own. Their project – NeoXCraft - should be capable of working on land, water and air. It is expected to e ready for road testing by 2020. The car should be able to carry two passengers.


The NeoXCraft is a bit different from other projects since it can fly in air, sail on water and move on road

9. Kitty Hawk Cora

Kitty Hawk, a startup company, is working on a flying car – Cora – with financial assistance from Larry Page – Google co-founder. The company had already begun test flights in 2018 in New Zealand. It is slated to rival other potential models from Uber and Airbus. Cora will be capable of getting to a peak speed of 180 kph and heights of 150 – 900 meters.


Kitty Hawk's flying car project had gotten a massive financial boost from google co-founder, Larry Page

10. Toyota SkyDive

Toyota isn’t ready to be left out in this new adventure as the giant automaker is also working on its own flying car project. They expect their products to be unveiled at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. The SkyDive is currently the world’s smallest electric car at the length of 2.9 meters and width of 1.9 meters. It is expected to offer top land speed at 150 kph with cruising speed surpassing 100 kph. Toyota is working towards mass production by 2030.


The Toyota SkyDive is expected to make its first public appearance at the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo

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11. Aeromobil

Aeromobil is a Slovakian company intended to join the group of other innovative automakers that are going into the flying car projects. The flying car – Aeromobil – is getting close to its completion, and will be equipped with a hybrid electric system, specially designed for this purpose in two variants – 4.0 VTOL and 5.0 VTOL.


Aeromobil is another flying car project that is very much close to completion, set to be launched soon

Whether now or later in the nearest future, the possibility of witnessing flying cars is becoming clearer and higher. Don’t be shocked when you see a car fly over your head.

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