Israeli company says its flying car "CityHawk" will be Hydrogen-powered


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An Israeli based company has released new photos and details of its proposed flying car called "CityHawk" which it says will run on Hydrogen Fuel cell.

In the very near future, the whole world might have to accept flying cars as a “norm”, just as it’s currently doing so for the latest trend of electric vehicles that used to be a “fantasy” some years back.

Yes, eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff & landing) aircraft or simply put – flying cars could become a reality very soon. A recent report has it that an Israeli aeronautics company is currently pushing forward with its eVTOL flying taxi called “CityHawk”. This report also claims that the company has recently signed a deal with another company known as HyPoint, in an effort to make the proposed flying car to be powered by Hydrogen fuel cells.


Meet the proposed flying taxi called “CityHawk” which is currently being developed by an Israeli aeronautics company

Photo Source: Urban Aeronautics

As of today, experts are still unsure if Nigerians can actually adopt electric vehicles, not to talk of even imagining if Nigeria is ready for flying cars. Similarly, there are still many African nations and other countries around the world that are also yet to fully adopt electric vehicles talk less of thinking about flying cars. However, such challenges aren’t going to stop the Israeli company, Urban Aeronautics from continuing to pursue the development of a fully functional eVTOL flying taxi. Yes, not even a flying car anymore but rather a flying taxi.

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Check out the advert video below which was uploaded by the company itself to give people an idea of how the flying taxi could change the face of transportation;

CityHawk: Hydrogen-Powered, Door-to-Door Aerial Mobility. Fly Anywhere, Land Anywhere

How long will it take Nigerians to trust a flying car enough to ever take a ride in one? We will all find out when the time comes 😊!

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