A 250mph flying sports car is projected by Flyboard inventor Franky Zapata


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The “Flyboard” personal hoverboard inventor has raised expectations by claiming that he will soon launch a 250mph flying sports car.

French inventor, Franky Zapata has been in our headlines here at Naijauto and other top auto blogs/sites all over the word after his first successful launch and demo of his “Flyboard” personal hoverboard.

Franky Zapata also recently flew 22-miles across the English Channel successfully on his custom jet-powered hoverboard vehicle just a week ago on the second attempt after a failed first trial.  

Now, the Flyboard inventor has just stepped up the game by publicly announcing that he will now focus more of his attention on a soon-to-be-unveiled next project, which he says will be the flying sports car and should debut later this year 2019.


Franky Zapata promises a “flying car” after the successful demo of his custom jet-powered hoverboard

When France’s BFMTV interviewed Zapata, he said;

“I have my flying car to finish, it has to come out before the end of the year, so we’ll come home, take a little vacation, and then, with the whole team, get back on track”

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According to Franky Zapata, the chassis of his proposed flying car has already been completed with the bodywork and paint scheduled for completion in the days to come. Also, Zapata awaits “flight approval” from the Civil Aviation Authority of France.

Zapata also revealed that his tech company, Rove, has even completed some test flights of this upcoming flying car at some unrevealed racetrack somewhere in the southern part of France.

He went further to also announce that a newer version of the upcoming flying car which will feature 10 jet engines will soon be tested and it’s expected to go faster while also being capable of carrying more weight.

Zapata said;

“The base of the flying car has already flown but in version four (jet) engines,”

“The version with ten engines will fly in the days to follow.”


This flyboard inventor has successfully crossed the 22-miles English Channel on his hoverboard

40-year-old Franky Zapata claims that his upcoming flying car will be cruising between 190mph – 250mph top speed will carry enough onboard fuel that will enable it to go as far as 70 miles; this is just about the measured distance between Lagos and Ibadan, here in Nigeria. Just imagine that!

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