Floyd Mayweather sports his 7 Roll-Royces, a Maybach & a Ferrari 488


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Calling himself the Money Man, Floyd Mayweather invites both admirers and haters to drool over his eye-watering car collection of a Maybach, a Ferrari 488, and 7 Roll-Royces.

The Money Man Floyd Mayweather’s time in the boxing industry has brought inspirations to people of not only the sport but any kind. The image of a guy who persistently absorbed fists and elbows from his opponents to eventually blow them away has been deep-seated in peoples’ mind as a tough example to follow and admire.


Floyd is known for his undefeated boxing career

Not long ago, after an exhibition match against Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa to promote for the Japanese MMA, Mayweather has reportedly earned $9 million and christened it by a new Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon.

Now that his social media account is flooded with streams of new cars, let’s see what’s new in his fleet!


He assumes that his posts of cars are the source of motivation for his followers

In a short clip he uploaded recently on his Instagram, Floyd shared the true gist of his showing-off posts and why people should call him the Money Man as we are accustomed to when referring to him.

“The money I still got, the jewels I still got, the cars I still got, the mansions I still got—you’re either motivated or you’re hating,either of the two, it doesn’t matter. Walk with me let’s talk.”

 “I got 9 toys right here, I got the Ferrari 488, a Maybach or Mybach- what ever you want to call it, and seven Rolls-Royces that I like to call the Lucky Seven,so you’re either motivated or you’re hating,its my lifestyle Money Man”


He calls seven Rolls-Royces the Lucky Seven

The clip leads us through the appearances of a collection of 7 Rolls-Royces that he describes as the Lucky Seven, a Maybach and a Ferrari 488.

Video: Money Man Floyd Mayweather showing Off New Car Collection

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