Floyd Mayweather shows off his Rolls-Royce Phantom worth ₦217 million


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Floyd Mayweather loves flashing his luxurious cars on social media. He has shown off his newly acquired Rolls-Royce Phantom on Instagram. Check his post here!

Floyd Mayweather Jr is one of the most famous boxers that have ever graced planet earth. With a net worth of almost $1 billion, the retired boxing legend enjoys a luxurious lifestyle. One such is his expensive cars which he loves to flash on social media.

The 41-year-old American sports celebrity has shown off his latest whip, Rolls-Royce Phantom on his Instagram page. And his followers can't stop gushing over his luxurious ride.


The retired professional boxer is still living a luxurious lifestyle even after retiring from boxing

Posing beside his Rolls-Royce Phantom in an expensive Louis Vuitton jacket, sky blue jeans and a pair of sneakers to go with it, Floyd sure looks glad as he has thrown his dollar bills around the car that just got added to his car collections.

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Naijauto confirmed the car is worth $600,000 and that's about ₦217.5 million. Now wait, don't be shocked by the staggering amount of money. Sure He's loaded. You won't believe this but he spends $ 1,000 on each hair cut he gets. And he gets three weekly. Not that we’re seeing any hair on his head though.


The fleet of luxury cars in Floyd Mayweather's garage

Floyd Mayweather had an amazing boxing career before he retired in 2017, after his fight with Conor MacGregor, the Irish UFC.


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