Florida man buys Walmart store to show off his 225 strong car collection


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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It's not just a dream museum for enthusiasts of vintage cars but the thing is all those cars are in good condition as well.

A Florida man has bought a grocery store to house and show off his 225 unique car collection and guess what? That's a Walmart! You might not believe but among the cars on the list appears a 1930 car that is still in very good condition!

Rick Treworgy, from Punta Gorda Florida USA, owns Muscle Car city (Formerly Walmart) where he kept the numerous cars he has been collecting his entire life.


Rick Treworgy from Florida has been collecting cars all his life

Naijauto.com learned his love for collecting cars began way back in 1973. Inside the Walmart turned car garage, there are several Corvettes of the model years between 1954 and 1975 all lined up in a row. Aside from that, Treworgy has other rows filled up with GTOs, big-body Impalas and Restomod car's.

What's even more impressive about his collection is that the 225 cars are all in good mechanical condition and can be driven as if they're just coming out from the assembly plant.

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225 were collected and housed inside this building in Florida, USA


All the cars are in freaking good condition!


The cars are now museum pieces open to the general public

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Treworgy said,

If you want to use these cars, they're usable. They're not just museum pieces. They're all kept in good, mechanical condition.

Video: Corvettes for Sale at Wal-Mart??! Well, Not Exactly.

Previously, the cars were housed in a 40,000 square feet facility and they weren't properly stored. But now, he has a place where he can comfortably safeguard his precious collection and has converted it to a museum where folks who love American muscle rides can come to appreciate. He also encouraged parents to bring their young children along while coming so that they can get to see how cars looked like in the good old days, instead of the supercars that have taken over the automobile world.

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