Up to 8,000 flights in Nigeria got delayed by domestic airlines in Jan-Mar 2019: What NCAA said?


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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NCAA has just revealed that 7,926 flights had been delayed by the Nigerian Airlines in just the first quarter of 2019 alone. Shocking isn't it? Read how they gonna deal with this!

It was somewhat shocking if not depressing for us here at Naijauto.com get this update where the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority announced a total of 7,926 delayed flights by Nigerian domestic airlines were actually recorded between January and March 2019 alone.

A certain document containing this information has been recently compiled by the CPD (Consumer Protection Department) of the NCAA.

According to the records in the document mentioned, 14,735 flights were actually operated by 8 airlines as at the time of conducting the review. A record of 181 flights got cancelled for several reasons by different airlines which includes; Max Air, Overland Air, Dana Air, Azman Air, Air Peace, Arik Air, and Aero Contractors.

This released document revealed that 5,768 flights were operated by Air Peace which happens to top the “delayed flight chart” with a total of 3,058 delayed flights and 66 complete cancelled flights while Arik Air immediately followed on the list with a record of 1,376 delayed flights and 32 cancelled flights out of its 3,001 total flight operations record.


Air Peace currently tops the chart with one in every two flights from got delayed

The records for other airlines are as follows:










 Total flights operated  1,535 1,301 919 612  1,416  183
 Delayed flights  951 (62%) 637 (49%) 587 (64%) 421 (69%)  810 (57%)  112 (61%)
 Cancellations  31 (2%) 8 (0.6%) 25 (3%) 6 (0.9%)  4 (0.2%)  9 (5%)

All of the featured airlines issued out reasons and explanation for these alarming number of delayed flights. They stated reasons like; operational issues, aviation fuel scarcity, and also adverse weather conditions that have mostly led to low visibility; these reasons they claim were the major causes of the recorded delays.

The Corporate Communications Manager at Air Peace, Mr Chris Iwarah told NAN (News Agency of Nigeria) that the airline will continue to always give more priority to its passenger’s safety and well-being at all times.


Should we expect this proposed airline to be more punctual?

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Mr Iwarah also explained that most of the flights usually get delayed for several other reasons but still the airline normally tries its best to communicate with its affected passengers within hours before the flight in all cases.

He was quoted saying that;

“What we do is to send emails and text messages to the passengers notifying them about the development.

“However, some passengers provide fake email addresses and invalid phone numbers to airline staff while purchasing their tickets, which makes it difficult to reach them.

“I think there should be a form of sensitization by the aviation authorities to avoid this kind of situation but like I said before, the safety of our customers remains our priority,’’

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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Oluwaseun Solomon

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