Flashback: 2006 - The year the last Ford Taurus was manufactured


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The day 27th of October, 2006 was a special day, not for everyone but the founder of the fast food chain Chick-fil-A, Mr. Truett Cathy.

On this day, he was fortunate to get the key to the last Ford Taurus ever produced, In Hapeville, Georgia. The silver car was almost immediately brought to his company's headquarters in Atlanta and displayed with proud, along with other 19 cars, one of them was the earliest Fords. The 85-year old man has a, as he described, a "disease of collecting unique cars". He also displayed his concern about Ford's workers who had lost their job. But still, he was happy with what he had just obtained.

In the mid-1970s, the American's market was 'bombarded" with high-end foreign cars, whose designs are so much more aesthetical compared to Ford's. At that time, Ford's models were very heavy and bulky, and much less attractive than its rivals. Ford is on the brink of collapse and they needed to do something. As the last solution, Ford Taurus was introduced in the 1985 and immediately became a hit to the market. It is comparatively smaller than all of Ford's previous family models and its aesthetic look certainly contributed greatly to the success of Ford afterward. In the same year it was introduced, 263 thousand Taurus was sold and the figured kept soaring. After 7 years of continuous success, in 1992, Taurus was awarded the best-selling passenger car in the US (Honda Accord came in second). In the history book of Henry Ford Museum, it was the model that really saved the entire brand.

a ford taurus 1985

Ford Taurus 1985 - An iconic model

But every happy story has an end, the miraculous story of Taurus had to stop at some point, especially in a fiercely competitive market like America. Despite being given an innovated look in 1996, its once aesthetic design had become outdated. Not to mention its fuel economy is no match to the Japanese counterparts. The reasons why it was sold like hotcakes in the beginning due to the fact that the majority of Taurus sales came from car rental companies. After that, Toyota Camry's sale surpassed Ford Taurus's and had become the next best-selling car, in the mid-1990s. Ford posted large losses for many years and terminated the Taurus station in 2004. On the closing day, one thousand and five hundred workers lost the jobs.

Ford replaced the Taurus model with 2 others: Five Hundred and a smaller model named Fusion. In 2007, Ford attempted to renovate the Five Hundred and gave it the name Taurus, resulted in a renewed, sportier version of Taurus in 2009.

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