Breaking: Fisker adds Solar sunroof to coming electric SUV


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Fisker seems to be ready for serious competition as it takes one step further to promise a solar sunroof in its coming electric SUV. Check their announcement here!

If you have been following our updates here at, you would have by now seen lots of cool and amazing innovative features being added to electric vehicles today but Fisker Automotive has decided to step up the game even further by promising to add a “Solar” roof to its upcoming electric Sports Utility Vehicle.

The CEO of Fisker Automotive, Henrik Fisker recently decided to drop a teaser image of this upcoming electric SUV on his official Facebook page and so far, the car looks completely futuristic from its top.  The image gives away a lot of details of the rear and top of the SUV including the LED tail lights which are wrapped around by design and the vehicle’s wide rear hips.


The solar panel on the vehicle's roof; no figures are as yet available for its power output

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However, this new Solar roof feature seems to be a sort of gimmicky luxury feature and not really a fully functional component because Fisker hasn’t revealed how much of electric charge the Solar roof will provide in real time. However, from current solar technology trends, not much should be expected.

Anyway it goes, we promise to feature the updates once the specifications are released.


All comes from Fisker's teaser pics, everybody is looking forward to its release

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