Fisker promises cheaper electric cars, competing directly with Tesla


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Fisker unveils the all new EMotion ev with solid-state batteries and ultra-fast charging. This is coming as Tesla is enhancing plans for the release of their affordable ev models. See more details below!

Fisker is an electric car brand led by the former BMW designer Henrik Fisker and was an early rival to Tesla. On March 18, 2019 it has announced, it would produce a new sport utility vehicle priced below $40,000 (~N14.3 million) set to be released in 2020.

This move is coming years after the automobile brand declared bankruptcy in 2013 after a series of untasteful events with the loss of its entire European shipment to hurricane sandy later in 2013 being a major setback.

Before Fisker Automotive, in 2005, Fisker and Koehler established Fisker Coachbuild, in an attempt to bring back the art of coach-building automobiles to customer specifications. The Fisker Tramanto and Latigo were products of this partnership and used chasis and power trains from Mercedes-Benz SL and BMW 6 Series automobiles. Soon, the Fisker Automotive, a true automobile manufacturer was birthed after sales of several of the Tramanto and Latigo.

The early death of Fisker Karma & Fisker Atlantic

In 2009, Fisker mentioned plans for another plug-in hybrid Fisker Karma. The Karma was a plug-in hybrid luxury sports sedan produced by Fisker Automotive and manufactured at Valmet Automotive in Finland with its first deliveries in the U.S. in late July 2011 and deliveries to retail customers began in November 2011.


Fisker Karma is a plug-in hybrid luxury sports sedan

Fisker went ahead to unveil two more designs the Fisker Surf and sunset which was unveiled in 2011 and the Fisker Atlantic unveiled in 2012. The Atlantic was scheduled to become Fisker Automotive's second production car but production was postponed for late 2014 due to financial constraint.

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Fisker's problems started with recall of its battery by A123 in December 2011, followed by a second recall by A123 Systems in March 2012 and eventually a bankruptcy of its battery supplier A123 Systems in August 2012, the costs involved regarding a recall and repairs to customer cars. In addition to production stopping for over five months, with no date announced to recommence, the planned production of the second model, the Fisker Atlantic, was postponed, together with the cessation of development of the new model and eventually bankruptcy in 2013.

Fisker affordable EV - The endeavors to revive the company

A lot of restructuring has since then happened and the Fisker is set to commence production with the launching of this EMotion LiDar technology all electric sports utility vehicle with an expected range of 300miles per charge, priced below N15 million.


The new Fisker EMotion ev is expected to compete with Tesla

With production planned to be situated in the US as was stated by the company “currently finalizing the selection of a facility, located in the United States, to produce the all-electric SUV.” It suggests it is ready to bring spark to the Tesla challenge for electric vehicles in the mass market as Tesla enhances plans for more affordable electric cars to include a Model 3 priced at $35,000 (~N12.5 million) and a Model Y SUV starting at $39,000 (~N14 million).

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Henrik Fisker interview with cleantechnica

In his interview with CleanTechnica, when asked about the vehicle, Henrik Fisker said in his statement

“Our team set out on a mission to create an affordable EV (electric vehicle) that’s more exciting and emotion-stirring than what the market has been offering,”

“We’re now excited to be introducing a vehicle that truly reinvents the SUV.”

Also, the drivable prototype of this car will be available later in the year as plans for the much more expensive $129,000 (~N46.3 million) luxury sports car unveiled a year ago are still on-going. This new EV boasts of ultra-ast charging and solid-state batteries.


Display of the Fisker EMotion ev - not bad, is it?

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