The first Turkish flying car "Cezeri" was introduced by Bayker Makina


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The first Turkish flying car 'Cezeri' is a masterpiece from Bayker Makina, set to make its first appearance at the aviation, space and technology fair in Istanbul.

The first national flying out in Turkey has been unveiled by an automaker based in the country. The unveiling of this remarkable design is scheduled to be done publicly at the Istanbul’s aviation, space and technology fair.

The “flying car” like several others doesn’t really fly as its name implies but it executes vertical takeoff and landing, the craft additionally comes with just one seat. The flying car ‘Cezeri’, from Bayker Makina, is gotten from Al Jaziri, a prominent Muslim engineer (1136-1206).


The amazing flying Cezeri will offer only a single seat for one occupant in its small glass compartment

The first image of the flying car was shared on Twitter by Selçuk Bayraktar, Bayker’s sport director, who happens to be a son-in-law to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of Turkey.

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Bayker Makina, according to report, is the among the leading defense and technology companies in Turkey, in charge of manufacturing and developing many unmanned aerial cars. Once the company is through with the real-life testing, there is possibility to go into full production.


The first Turkish flying car is yet to be tested publicly, but it is expected to make that appearance sooner

With lift from massive quadcopter-like blade, which is located above a glass small compartment for single passenger, the vehicle is quite incredible to behold. Looks like the flying car might be set to be autonomous since there is no operational control button to be used by the single occupant inside. We believe that if eventually it gets into full production, it might be solely used as part of autonomous flying fleet for ride-hailing purpose or sold to private customers.

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