The first self-folding car in the world will solve the issue of parking space


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Fallen in love with Gundam already? Or just have a thing about robots and self-folding cars. Either way, chances that you are gonna be satisfied with this post!

Finding a parking spot could soon become much easier for our friends at the other side of the globe, thanks to the invention of the Japanese car that has the ability to wrap and collapse itself and finally wriggle into a small space.

You can see the car for yourself right here!

Inspired by toys model, the foldable electric car called the Earth-1 is the design of Okawara Kunio, who is famous for his role as a painter in Japan and is one of the names behind the famous anime series, Gundam. Four Link Systems, a futuristic car design, and production company based in Tokyo, Japan, said it expects Earth-1 to be accepted by the authorities for road traffic by March 2018.

Although the price of the foldable car is quite expensive, up to 25 million nairas, which is as expensive as a brand new Lexus in the mid-range section. Four Link Systems has received 30 orders from Japan, China, and Dubai since their launch at the Tokyo 2017 show last October. The Four Link System adds that their goal is to sell 300 vehicles a year for use at airports or tourist destinations.


In cooperation with the father of Gundam, Earth-1 is expected to be more appealing to the young

Kinoshita Hiroomi, President and CEO of Four Link Systems, who has been involved in the creation of the new smart car since 2008, says he hopes the innovation will reach young drivers, who are less inclined to buy a car.

"We built a car that makes the driver feel like they were driving something other than a car," Kinoshita said. Robots are a perfect option and that is why the development team has asked Okawa to design a two-seat vehicle with details borrowed from the Gundam anime.

"So we brought a robot inspired car and made people feel like they were running a robot while driving. This is what makes the car unique and enhances the unique feel of the vehicle," said Kinoshita.


The Earth-1 is the closest to Gundam you would see in real life (Photo source: Putrashining)

Some more details about the Gundam, this is a television program that has been aired for the first time in the 1970s and has been attracting all the imagination of an entire generation of audiences, not only from Japan but in the whole world, and continues to be popular until today. In Tokyo, the real-life Gundam statue with a height of 20 meters has become a major tourist attraction.

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