What is the first plane crash in Nigeria?


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Do you know when the first plane crash happened in Nigeria? Bet you don’t. You are a click away from knowing when it happened. Check it here!

Air plane survival is a rare occurrence, no wonder most plane crash ends up being disastrous. Statistics has revealed that the air crash always happens when the plane is about to take off or when it's landing. The chances of an aircraft crashing when it's on flight is very minimal.


Most plane accidents take place when landing or taking off

The first fatal aviation accident recorded worldwide happened in 15th June 1786, close to Wimereux, France. This was the aviation crash that killed the balloon inventor, François Pilates de Rozier and the occupant that was flying with him named Pierre Romain.


The very first plane crash in Nigeria happened over 70 years ago

Here on Naijauto.com, we conducted a research to bring to you the history of the first plane crash recorded in Nigeria.

The first plane crash in Nigeria happened on 12th April, 1942 around 8:15 pm. The location was on a hill called Igbo Ilapa in the Ikogosi, Ekiti state. This plane crash occurred at the time of the 2nd World War and it was conveying arms and ammunition. The explosives carried by the plane was reported to have kept exploding even hours after the crash happened. And it resulted in the destruction of Igbo llapa completely. The pilot was said to have done all he could to make sure the plane didn't crash in the town but inside the forest. The remains of the plane, two hole riddled engines and other parts can still be found on the site of the crash.


The site of first plane crash now becomes a tourist attraction

And for Nigerian owned plane, the first crash was recorded in 20 November, 1969. The plane, DC-10, was owned by the government. The plane took off in London and crash landed in Lagos.82 lives, with the plane crew all died in the plane crash.

Plane crash survival is a rare occurrence

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