The very first Lexus car was brought to life this month 33 years ago


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This month of May makes 33 years since Toyota's luxury division, Lexus made its first car which was codenamed "F1" before the brand became popular. See more!

During the month of May back in the year 1987, Toyota executives gave a green light to the design of what later became the very first Lexus car. This premier car was codenamed “F1” as at that time when the company was yet to be branded as the popular “Lexus” auto brand we know today.


The history of the Lexus car brand dates back to 1987 when Toyota executives gave green-light to the first model

Two years after the Toyota executives approved the design of the “F1” car, it made a public debut at the NAIAS in Detroit, U.S with the Lexus LS 400 moniker. The auto brand advertised it as “simple, clean, and smart” back then because they could not afford to make it look any radical than it was. This throwback reminds us of the 2019 documentary about the Takumi Masters who built Lexus with their own hands and spent over 60,000 hours doing so. This is one of the many mind-blowing facts about Lexus that only a few know about.


The Lexus auto brand has been focused on standing out among competitors since it started 33 years ago

According to Lexus history, the LS 400 model which debuted at the NAIAS drew power from a 4.0-liter naturally-aspirated V-8 engine codenamed 1UZ-FE. This engine delivered 250hp and 260 lb-ft of torque to the LS 400 in union with its 4-speed auto transmission system while the rear wheels were driven by ECT-i electronically controlled shifts. And the overall powertrain gave the LS 400 a nice 155mph top speed as well as an 8.5 seconds acceleration time from zero to 60mph.

There have been quite a lot of achievements and turning points in the history of Lexus from 1987 to this date. It's much more than we can cover in a few minutes read.

Meanwhile, you can watch the video below to get a short highlight of all you need to know about the Lexus’ premier car – the LS 400;

  LEXUS LS400 - Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

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