First-ever Motorbike Limousine spotted in Ghana, Africa


Posted by: Hassana Obi

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A video went viral on the Internet featuring a bespoke limousine powered by motorbike engine.

In the 37th Annual Science and Technology Exhibition organized by Dr. Ing. Kwado Safo to update Ghanaians with latest technological trends, Kantanka automobiles had introduced its one-and-only limousine driven and powered by motorbike gadgets.

Record of the world’s first motorbike limousine

This invention is believed to be exclusive to Africa, designed by Apostle Kwodo Safo Kantanka – a Ghana well-known dedicated inventor. Though he had never attended a formal course on technology, he developed various robots, helicopters, voice controlling cars or even airplanes. All his products are made from local materials.

Kantanka helicopter

Passenger helicopter invented by Apostle Kwodo Safo Kantanka

This man is currently running a car producing factory, Kantanka automobile, which aims at manufacturing SUVs and sedans.

Kantanka SUV

Kantanka sedan

Kantanka’s SUV and sedan models

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Hassana Obi

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