Meet the first African-American Rolls-Royce, McLaren & Lamborghini car dealer


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What do you know about the first African-American man to ever deal in luxury car brands like Lamborghini and McLaren? See his photos and read about him here!

Thomas Moorehead grew up as an economically disadvantaged child in Monroe, Louisiana but made history as an exceptional and phenomenal “Black” achiever in the year 2018. He set some remarkable records in the automotive industry that no one ever did.


Meet Thomas Moorehead – the first African-American to own top-notch luxury car dealership of Rolls-Royce, McLaren and Lamborghini

Since the very early days of his career, Moorhead fed his need for knowledge at several training programs in the auto industry. The African-rooted man laid aside his personal income to first start his own car dealership in the year 1988.

But his path to success dated back in the year 2001 when he bravely took a calculated risk by starting his own automobile sales company called Sterling Motorcars. This leap of faith eventually paid off when his company Sterling Motorcars became the world’s first African-American dealer of Rolls-Royce. The company also became the first African-American McLaren and Lamborghini dealer in the United States of America.

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Thomas Moorehead had revealed in years past that he started out in the automotive industry by learning from his respected fraternity brother and mentor, James Bradley who happens to be the owner of the popular Bradley Automotive Group.

As of the year 2019, Thomas Moorehead’s auto company – Sterling Motorcars recorded a ₦228billion ($632.2million) in revenue alone, making it the second-highest recorded for a company owned by a black man in the Greater Washington.

Moorhead is very popular for his philanthropic gestures among which include scholarships worth thousands of dollars to so many high school and university students in the U.S, which, to him, is a grateful repay for the things luck has given the automotive tycoon.

Video: Thomas A Moorehead Makes History & Gives Back

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