Fire extinguisher might be actually the culprit of car fire!


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Yes, you read that right. Admittedly, it is very considerate of you to keep a fire extinguisher in your car, but putting it the wrong way may set your car to fire. Check out why!

Fire extinguisher is a useful tool if you know the right way to use it, but it will backfire if you do not know how to properly install it in your car.

No one can deny that a mini fire extinguisher is essential in the car in case fire occurs and you can't put it out yourself. However, if not used correctly, these jugs may explode unexpectedly (ironically). This phenomenon usually happens when fire extinguishers are exposed to high temperatures in car.

Why fire extinguisher may explode inside car

Particularly, they can explode even when fresh and unused. According to auto experts, these mini flasks can only withstand environmental temperatures around of up to 55 Celsius degrees and it would likely explode if the temperature rises beyond this number. As the temperature goes up, the volume of liquid solution in the tank increases and produces greater pressure. So now you know overpressure is the very culprit for possible explosion.

a fire extinguisher

Ironically, sometimes the thing to prevent explosion can actually...explode itself

For example, the vehicle is parked outdoor while the temperature is above 40 Celsius degrees, then the heat can accumulate inside the car and reach up to 60 degrees. If the parking area is exposed to direct sunlight, the cabin may even get hotter. High chances are the tank explodes, the consequences would be dire, not only to the interiors of your car but to the unfortunate person sitting in car at that moment.

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Tips to avoid fire extinguisher explosion

In order to avoid unwanted disaster from fire extinguisher in the car properly, the driver should pay attention to these following points:

1. Do not leave the fire extinguisher in areas that are exposed to direct sunlight. The harsh summer climate in tropical countries like Nigeria will make the fire extinguisher much more vulnerable to explosion at high temperatures. These dangerous positions are usually on the center console or the A corner of the car.

a fire extinguisher under a car's seat

The fire extinguisher should be kept where reachable but isn't exposed to direct sunlight

2. For new fire extinguishers, you should do a spray test to reduce the initial internal pressure. This test also gives users a better understanding of the flask and can react more quickly when a fire occurs.

3. Do not place the fire extinguisher too far away from the driver's seat, but not too close so that it gets in the way of the driver when he or she is driving. Ideally, it should be located at the side of the footrest.

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