Film director's Range Rover turned into shop by belt seller at Computer Village


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."Nothing wey Musa no go see for gate”. A film maker's Range Rover was turned into a shop where he parked it at Computer Village.

A Nollywood producer has been left in shock after a recent experience he had at a popular Lagos market, Computer Village in Ikeja.

Moses Inwang, a film director, had gone to the market with his white Range Rover to see if he can fix his iMac.He parked his car by the roadside and went into the market, in search of a repairer. On getting back to his car, he found out a belt seller has already converted his classy car into a shop to display his wares.


Moses couldn't believe his eye when he saw his Range Rover has been turned into a  belt seller's shop

Moses who recorded the incident on his phone, took to his Instagram page to share the video.

He captioned it:

"Earlier today at computer village to fix my iMac, this happened...#preposterous.''

The footage showed the belt seller had spread a cloth on the car's hood before placing the belt and sunglasses he was selling on it.

The filmmaker was heard saying,

They have converted my car to a shop at Computer Village.

The belt seller responded,

Nothing we you no go see for Computer Village. Na Lagos. Everybody is looking for a way to survive."

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Moses was praised by his followers for his calmness when he saw what his ride has been reduced to

His followers who watched the video took to the comment section of the post to react, with some pointing out the film Maker's calmness over the scenario.

Here are what some of the followers thought.

"Blackbread: Mehn... you're calm Sha.That's Lagos?

Emmanuelchuksey: How can you park your car for that long in one place. If na oyinbo land you go for pay thousands of naira for ticket

Paulflomofficial: I bet he no go try this nonsense to bobrisky

Smartchiemela: God please give me this kind of calmness

Janegoreth: You're an absolute gentleman. You could have shouted or created a scene but you rather laugh it off. A king I Stan

While Naijauto doesn't know the model year of Moses' Range Rover, we're much aware a brand new 2015 & 2016 Range Rover sells for 50m-60m. The 2017 model year is between 48m- 82m.


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