Fight over parking space gets out of control as Audi car crashes into bakery


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An Audi car reportedly crashed into the front window of a bakery, injuring at least two people after a dispute over parking space. See full story!

What seems like a shocking moment was when a fight over parking space escalated quickly out of control and an Audi car crashed right through the bakery’ front window.


The driver of the Audi car ended up smashing into newly-opened bakery over parking space dispute

This information was reported by the CBS New York, which took place in Queens when 4 men got into a serious fight over the occupancy of a parking space. Although we are yet to ascertain what actually ignited the dispute, eyewitnesses’ reports confirmed that one of these men in question got hold of a baseball bat and decided to use it on the Audi driver. The dispute further got to a stage when the men tried to damage his car, which made the man get extremely angry.

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The best way known to the Audi driver to fight back was getting into his car and attempting to run over the people that were attacking him over the parking space. Fortunately for these men, the Audi driver wasn’t precise with his attack, as he rammed into the Rainbow Bakery that was just having its grand opening at the time. The matter would have been worse if the Audi driver had crushed someone to death as a result of his rage. However, a minimum of two people got injured from the broken glass.

Here is the clip capturing the shocking moment when the white Audi car ploughed into the bakery shop. Watch the video below:

Police: Road Rage Leads To Car Smashing Into Flushing Bakery

The police have apprehended the involved men who will be charged with assault. The owner of this damaged bakery revealed that a lot was spent in trying to renovate the building. Luckily for the bakery owner, his business is covered by insurance and is expected to reopen very soon. Another story that would also attract your attention was when a Ford Mustang driver that fled the scene after hitting a motorcyclist was arrested after his father reported him to the police

It’s quite strange when you sight four grownups engaging in a violent confrontation over a parking space. Shockingly, one of the four even men pointed finger at the city mayor, who has failed to address the recurring dispute over parking space by eliminating more than 100 parking lots on Main Street.

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