Fifteen-year-old Dubai boy owns Ferrari F12 Berlinetta


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Owning a luxury car is impossible for most children elsewhere, but not in Dubai.

While most children wish to receive a bike for their fifteen birthday, a 15-year-old Dubai boy, Rashed Belhasa, owns a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. 


The kid is Dubai Construction Tycoon Ahmed Saif Belhasa’s son. His parents allow him to purchase an all-new yellow Ferrari F12 Berlinetta when he is 15. As the car’s color is not right up street, Rashed Belhasa decided to wrap it with an exclusive Louis Vuitton livery for a refreshment.  

You can watch a video showing how Rashed redecorated his car on his Youtube channel, “Money Kicks”. Surprisingly, his video now gets over 2 million views on Youtube.

Rashed Belhasa  with his Ferrari F12Berlinetta

Rashed Belhasa owns a luxury car, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta when being 15

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As Rashed Belhasa just turned 15, he has to get a chauffeur drive him. Otherwise, he might keep the car in his garage until 17 when he is legally allowed to take the wheel.

The rick boy not only possesses a luxury car but also usually have exotic vacations where he has opportunities to meet famous musicians, singers, and footballers.  He often updates his events on his Youtube channel and Instagram.

Rashed Belhasa and the celebrity

Rashed Belhasa has opportunities to meet celebrities

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