FG to supply 133 LPG-powered buses for public use to ease fuel price burden


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Did you know that the Federal Govt agreed with the NLC to supply 133 LPG-powered mass transit buses to lessen the burden of fuel price increase? Read more!

Many people only heard that the Federal Government held consultation meetings with the TUC, NLC and others on 15th, 24th, and 27th of September 2020 - but only a few got to know the details of the agreements reached.

A crucial part of the agreements actually dealt with the issue of a sudden increase in the price of petrol fuel and provisions to lessen the burden for Nigeria citizens.


Many Nigerian motorists might soon adopt Cooking-gas (LPG) as fuel due to the continuous increase in the petrol pump price

According to media sources, the regime of PMS subsidy is at the brink of ending totally in Nigeria while the entire oil sector would soon be privatized to give way for proper growth.

This observation amidst the continuous increase in the price of fuel across different nations is the reason why the federal govt of Nigeria is looking into CNG/LPG as the next best alternative fuel. Also, a part of the Federal Govt’s recent agreement with the Labor Unions in Nigeria states the following:

  • The Federal Govt will make provision for the delivery of up to 1million LPG/CNG Autogas Conversion Kits, Dispensing units and Storage Skids by ending (December) of 2021 under the NGEP (Nigeria Gas Expansion Program). Labour Union representatives will be included in a governance structure that will be established to oversee this project.
  • The Federal Government will supply the Labour Union with 133 LPG/CNG-powered mass transit buses that will be used in all the major cities of Nigeria immediately. After this provision, the Federal Govt will later extend this initiative to all the 36 states Local Government Areas of Nigeria before ending (December) of 2021.

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