Thousands of Travellers stranded as FG shuts down Seme Border


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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The border shared between Nigeria and Benin Republic, popularly known as Seme Border has been shut down by the Nigeria's government.

On Tuesday, there was a report that the border which Nigeria shares with Benin Republic has been shut down by the Federal Government.

After the reported interception of truckloads of codeine and tramadol shipped via the border into Nigeria by the Nigeria Customs Service officials, the border, which has always been busy was shut down by the federal government.

The importation of the highly abused substances – codeine and tramadol – among the youths in Nigeria has been severely prohibited by the government.


FG shuts down Seme Border in a bid to win the war against importation of codeine and Tramadol into the country

So far, there is no trace of any official statement from the two countries – Benin Republic and Nigeria – regarding the closure of the border, which was enforced last Wednesday.

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However, many people affected by this border shutdown have expressed their frustration on social media. Read some of their comments on Twitter:

@Onos_Tsf, a twitter user, posted:

“I have been at Seme border for over seven hours and no official communication about the closure keeping us here. We need help/answers. We need to go home.”


Many people whose homes stay at the other side got stuck in the border

Another affected traveller, @Hermes_Berries with the real name Tolulope Samson, posted:

“Nigerian Government closes Seme Border without formal notice. It’s been two days. No going in or out. That a nation can stop her citizens from entering their own country is ludicrous…”

Oyelese Mayowa, a twitter user, also commented on the new development at the Seme Border on Wednesday:

“Nigeria immigrations are treating their fellow Nigeria’s (sic) like animals are the Seme border. I have been here since 6pm yesterday. I pity this country,” 

According to the travellers, there has been no explanation so far from the officials at the border as to the reason for the closure.

Abrupt Closure of Nigerian Benin Republic Seme Border

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Joseph Attah, Customs spokesman, when contacted, said:

“A joint security exercise is ongoing to better secure the border. It will take several days and we have been working to ensure that it does not result in too much disruption for travellers.”

We hope this issue is resolved soon.  

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