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Earlier this year, the Brand Finance Group released its Brand Value Report for the year 2019 with Ferrari sitting at the top as the World’s strongest brand. See how it got that title here!

1. How reliable is Brand Value Report by Brand Finance?

Brand Finance is a leading international consultancy in areas of Brand Strategy and Brand Evaluation. The firm is a world leader in this area and has a reputation of delivering Transparent, Technically Credible and globally accepted evaluation of Brands across the globe.

According to Brand Finance, its Brand Value Report evaluates the strength of a Brand using three core criteria and they include;

  • Business performance of a brand: This refers to the financial measures and market size showing a brands success in reaching a certain volume and price Premium.
  • Brand’s stakeholder equity: This actually refers to how the Brand is being perceived especially by customers, as well as other stakeholders.  
  • Brands marketing investment for the period under review: This refers to the strength of Brands marketing activities, as it relates to brand loyalty and market share.


Surpassing Coca-cola and many other brands, Ferrari is the strongest name in the world

The Brand Value Report is compiled to help big businesses around the globe evaluate and gain a clearer understanding of their brands position in relation to others. Brand Finance Group’s Brand Value Report offers professional recommendations on how to build and accelerate business performance and thus grow a brand.

Highlighting this, the Insights Director at Brand Finance, Mr. Steven Thomson posited

“A strong brand reputation is a valuable asset for any business, driving higher customer acquisition, satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. The net result is that high stakeholder equity is a significant contributor to solid brand strength and in effect supports business growth and profitability."

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2. Ferrari, the World’s Strongest Brand 2019

This year’s ranking see Ferrari takes away the highest position for the strongest brand with an AAA+ rating, posting a Brand Strength Index (BSI) score of 94.8/100 a good increase of 3.3 points from its 2018 score of 91.5/100. This award highlights Ferrari’s continued strength in the Supercar and Luxury Automotive industry, as it has continuously strengthened its brand.

Speaking on this feat, the Chief Executive Officer of the Brand Finance Group Mr. David Haigh praised Ferrari for the achievement:

“As the world’s foremost luxury carmaker, Ferrari has an unparalleled level of brand recognition, upholding excellence for design and innovation. The prancing horse logo is a perfect symbol of the brand’s strength and vitality as it plans new models and reaches outside the auto industry.”


Ferrari is the top brand owned by top celebrities

Ferrari beat other top global Brands like Coca Cola, Deloitte, PWC and McDonalds to the crown.

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3. Auto Industry Brand Value Ranking

The auto industry continues to enjoy solid global Brand Reputation. In the latest ranking by Brand Finance Group, the Auto industry came second among 10 top sectors with a score of 7.1/10 beaten by just 0.2 points by the Hotel sector. The performance of the industry can be traced to innovation, the industry is embraces innovative idea and technology to build intelligent and top quality cars as we move into the Era of self-driving and autonomous cars.

The Auto industry also sees 3 auto brands make the Top 20 most Valuable Brands, with BMW, Mercedes Benz and Toyota making the list, while Mercedes Benz remains the most valuable Auto Brand in the world standing at 13th position globally, with a brand value of $60.355 billion, growing by over 25% from 2018. It is worthy of note that the top 12 auto brands by value all were within the Top 100 global brands, indicating a strong financial position of these companies. Below is the ranking for the Top 12 Valuable Brands in the Auto industry;

Top 12 Valuable Brands in the Auto industry
Brands Brand Value (Billion $) Global Rank Growth (%)
Mercedes Benz 60.355 13 +25.9
Toyota 52.291 17 +19.7
Volkswagen 41.739 24 +4.5
BMW 40.501 29 -3.1
Porsche 29.340 47 +54
Mitsubushi 26.563 55 +5.1
Honda 25.744 57 +16.3
Hyundai 20.721 79 +16.7
Audi 19.638 85 +31.4
Tata Group 19.559 86 +37.4
Nissan 18.753 89 -3.2
Ford 18.316 93 +5.9

Recently J.D Power also released its brand ranking, but used different criteria for its judgement. The J.D Power Brand ranking is based on the number of registered Problems Per 100 Vehicles.

In this ranking, Korean Auto makers filled the top three spots in Genesis, Kia and Hyundai. Genesis which is the Luxury arm of Hyundai Motors came first with just 63 reported Problems Per 100 Vehicles, while Kia which is partly owned by same Hyundai Motors came second with a reported 70 Problems Per 100 Vehicles. The third spot was taken by Hyundai Motors with a reported 71 Problems Per 100 Vehicles. Below is a table showing J.D Power's Top 10 Auto Brands by Problems Per 100 Vehicles;

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J.D Power's Top 10 Auto Brands by Problems Per 100 Vehicles
Brands Problems Per 100 Vehicles
Genesis 63
Kia 70
Hyundai 71
Ford 83
Lincoln 84
Chevrolet 85
Nissan 86
Dodge 90
Lexus 90
Toyota 90

* Please note that the ranking in the following table is from top to bottom, with the highest ranked brand among the Top 10 being Genesis while Toyota is the least ranked.

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