Ferrari threatens to sue the German fashion designer for placing his sneakers on top of ₦126m Ferrari car


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What would you do if Ferrari threatens to sue you for advertising sneakers on top of your ₦126million Ferrari sports car? Check out Philipp Plein's reactions here!

Naijauto found a newly emerged controversial story that is trailing the popular Italian automaker – Ferrari on the internet space.

The popular German fashion designer Philipp Plein has come out with claims and screenshots of a certain “Cease & Desist” letter, which he recently received from Ferrari’s lawyers, instructing him to take down one of his recent Instagram posts in which he advertised his sneakers by placing them on the bonnets of his green Ferrari sport car.


The Instagram photo shared in a Sneakers advert post by Philipp Plein which got Ferrari pissed off

In the above image, you can see as Philipp Plein sits a pair of his ₦288,000 ($800+) limited edition “PHANTOM KICK$” sneakers atop his green ₦126 million ($350,000+) Ferrari 812 Superfast sports car.

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See the screenshot of Ferrari’s threat message as shared on Instagram by Philipp Plein;


Philipp shares a screenshot of Ferrari’s threat message asking him to take down his Instagram post

Below is the actual text of the letter for better readability;

“Ferrari’s trademarks and model cars are associated in your pictures with a lifestyle totally inconsistent with Ferrari’s brand perception, in connection with performers making sexual innuendos and using Ferrari’s cars as props in a manner which is per se distasteful,”

“This behavior tarnishes the reputation of Ferrari’s brands and causes Ferrari further material damage,”

“In fact, the undesired connection between Ferrari’s trademarks on the one hand, and Philipp Plein’s line of shoes (and the questionable manner in which they are promoted) on the other hand, is interfering negatively with the rights enjoyed by Ferrari’s selected licensees which are exclusively entitled to use Ferrari’s trademarks to product and promote line of shoes Ferrari branded.”

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Philipp Plein shows no intention to remove the post

Philipp Plein, on the other hand, has taken to his page to announce that he will not take down any of his previous Instagram posts despite the threats from Ferrari. Plein said;

“I can’t even put in words how disappointed and disgusted I am about this unfair and totally inappropriate claim against me personally,”

If you want to continue treating your loyal clients with such letters from your lawyers, you will lose the support from many Ferrari fans.”

"My lawyers will go hard and I will make every step public until FERRARI stops bullying their clients,”

We will provide updates on this story once we have more.

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