Pure ecstasy! One of the rarest Ferrari on Earth - Ferrari Sergio


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The rare Ferrari Sergio is unarguably one of the most desirable Ferraris on the planet and you can only find 6 of those. Check why it's made that special below!

No doubt there are lots of remarkable Ferrari models out there, but you wouldn’t mind having the astonishing Ferrari Sergio breathing in your garage.


The production of the limited-run Ferrari Sergio is a tribute to late Sergio Pininfarina, and only 6 units were made

Only 6 Ferrari Sergio were produced

The Italian automaker only made 6 units of this model, hereby making it a very exclusive product from Ferrari. In case you didn’t know, Naijauto is excited to inform you that 3 of the six units manufactured are in United States, 1 is presently in Japan and you would see the remaining two in Europe. Well, the displayed yellow is one of the 2 you would find in Europe and is proudly owned by Carlink International for 2 years now. No doubt he will make a fortune off it in case he decides to sell.

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The exclusive Sergio comes with an ability to produce an output of 597 horsepower

The power of Ferrari Sergio

Ferrari Sergio features similar underpinnings with Ferrari 458 Spider. It comes equipped with a 4.5-liter V8 naturally aspirated engine just like Ferrari 458 Speciale, promising an output of 597 horsepower. The Sergio can easily accelerate from a standstill of zero to 62 mph in an estimated 3 seconds. This obviously has made several other Ferrari models envious of its remarkable performance.

This model was manufactured as a way of paying respect to late Sergio Pininfarina who died a year before it’s introduction in 2013 as a concept model. The automaker couldn’t resist the pressure and admiration from car enthusiasts across the planet, hereby going into production. We are very confident that the automaker would have sold out a lot but the fact that it is limited makes it a very valuable item for car collectors.

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Driving The £4m Ferrari Sergio - One Of The Rarest Ferraris In The World!

We believe those who currently own Ferrari Sergio are admittedly sitting on goldmine as its value would increase exponentially with time.

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