Purosangue! Ferrari's first SUV is even more powerful than the Lamborghini Urus?


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Who could have thought a Motorsports brand like Ferrari would venture into the production of SUV? It's not just rumour anymore as it is happening right now.

As much as you would see it as strange for a motorsport brand like Ferrari to venture into SUV production, the success of other similar brands in the production of SUVs such as Lamborghini Urus, Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Bentley Bentayga could be a trigger for the Italian Automaker to go into such production.

It is developed under Purosangue name, which is Italian for “pure blood” or “thorough bred”. This crossover SUV will come equipped with new engine at the front for the GT platform and will also underpin some regular grand tourers by Ferrari.


With the possibility of V8 with hybrid assistance, the price of the first Ferrari SUV is likely to start from ₦126m 

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We expect the Ferrari Purosangue to be switched to a smaller turbocharged unit despite the presence of traditional 12-cylinger engines for the Ferrari GT. This SUV will make use of a hybrid V8 engine on a platform, which uses rear-mounted transaxle. We anticipate electric power on the front axle. It will be quite shocking if it doesn’t promise as much power as the Lamborghini Urus with 641 horsepower or even more.

2020 Ferrari SUV great idea for the future

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It was reported in 2016 when Sergio Marchionne, late Ferrari boss, told financial analysts that they would have to shoot him first before production of SUVs would happen in the Ferrari household. But, it is already becoming a reality.

The first Ferrari SUV is expected to arrive by 2022 and is deemed to be quite expensive as its starting price is likely to be from $350,000 (~N126m) upward..

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