Ferrari Museums recorded over 540,000 visitors in 2018 alone


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How do you think it will look like to in a Ferrari Museum? Just imagine the feeling of awe that one would get inside these museums. Read about them here now!

Just as has massive listings of cheap used cars for sale in Nigeria,  so do the Ferrari Museums have numerous vintage and modern Ferrari car models displayed in them exclusively for everyone’s view.

Ferrari sure does have fans all over the world but what about their new museums?

The year 2018 was definitely a success record for the Ferrari Museums as they recorded a total of over 540,000 visitors from all over the world being attracted. This also sets a new record for them in the process altogether and they are definitely looking to improve the record further.

The company also celebrated its 70th anniversary just around the same time that the Ferrari Museum in Maranello alone revealed that over 370,000 visitors passed through their doors confirming the huge success for the year.


Luxurious cars and engines on full view displayed at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, Italy

In the course of 2018, two grand exhibitions were also staged by the Museum and they are still running till now, these exhibitions include; “Passion and Legend” which is an homage to Ferrari founder’s extraordinary life story as well as to the company itself, and also “Driven by Enzo” which is the exhibition featuring collections of the favorite 4-seaters of Enzo Ferrari.

They are also running a new exhibition called “Michael 50” which is in honor of the 50th birthday of Michael Schumacher. This new “Micheal 50” exhibition has opened officially since 3rd of January, 2019 and is expected to run till the 31st of March, 2019.

A total increase of about 11% higher patronage was revealed by the MEF in Modena as they recorded that they had over 175,000 welcomed visitors by the end of 2017. This new record an increase in visits were with no doubt as a result of the “Il Rosso & Il Rosa” exhibition that was run during the year in the Ferrari Modena museum. Legendary female stars and female personalities’ favorite cars are the ones being showcased in this “Il Rosso & Il Rosa” and the exhibition is targeted at creating a bond between the brand and women generally.

Watch the video below of a man who recorded his Ferrari Museum visit in a VLOG and shared it on YouTube:


You HAVE to visit the FERRARI Museum!

Did you watch the video? Overwhelming isn’t it?

From the architectural design of the Museum itself to the amazing set of Ferrari vintage and modern car collections being showcased in the video, one would be so flawed. If you are observant, you will notice that not only cars were being displayed inside the Ferrari Museums but also engines were displayed as well as Ferrari branded wears for fans.

It is clearly obvious that Ferrari had put in much effort in packaging these museums to deliver the best Ferrari tour experience to all visitors. Indeed, they took it to a “WOW” level, isn’t it?


A favoured corner inside the Ferrari Museum in Italy

If you ever get the chance to visit Italy next time, you should really make plans for visiting the Ferrari Museums. These two Museums definitely shares a beautiful synergic relationship which is demonstrated by the amazing success of the single ticket method they adopted that covers entry to both museums.

Recording a total of 370,000 visitors in the Maranello Ferrari Museum and 175,000 visitors in the Modena Ferrari Museum definitely confirms them to be one among the currently most visited hubs in Italy as a whole. And the brand isn’t planning to stop yet at this success point rather they are planning and putting out new exhibitions to draw in enthusiasts and Tifosi from all around the world yearly to their museums to have the Ferrari tour experience.

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