Ferrari loses to Mercedes in Formula One, but will not change front wing design


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Having emerged from a major loss to Mercedes during the Spanish Grand Prix, Ferrari refuses to accept that controversial front wing design is the cause.

1. Differences in Ferrari an Mercedes front wing designs

Even though premium Mercedes dominated the Formula 1 concept with a different design, beating its close rival, Ferrari, the latter automaker has said it won't be making any change to the proprietary Ferrari front wing design.

At the beginning of the year, there was a rise in curiosity about the different front wing design the two major competitors, Mercedes and Ferrari had for their Formula 1 race cars. While Mercedes decided to go with an increased downforce prototype, Ferrari went with an alternate design, which is calculated process outwash leading to enhanced aerodynamics.


The design of Mercedes Formula One car 2019

After the recent Spanish Grand Prix 2019, Ferrari admitted that what may have contributed to their failure may have to do with the front wing design it chose, judging by how far Mercedes beat them.


And this is the design of Ferrari car for Formula One 2019 season

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2. Ferrari do not foresee any change in design

Post Spanish Grand Prix, the Monaco Grand Prix was next on the 26th of May but Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto has said that recent investigations conducted show that its front wing design didn't contribute to their previous loss.

On an interview with, the team principal said that they are not planning to change their front wing design when questioned on what it planned for their new front wing.

"Simply, it is a different concept to Mercedes, but it doesn't mean that we have achieved the maximum of its concept today. We are not foreseeing to change the wing concept."

Ferrari further revealed that the Mercedes design was taken into consideration at the onset of the project with respect to developmental lines the project could take.


Ferrari decided to stick to the current front wing design

Binotto concluded:

“Certainly through the season you always try to double check back what you did to see if it was the right choice, but we do not foresee a change right now."

The Monaco Grand Prix has held successfully on the 26th of May.

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