Supercars smash: ₦93 million Ferrari crashes into ₦47 million Porsche


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These Porsche and Ferrari racing drivers wrecked their expensive supercars in a head-on collision! See what was left of their supercars!

Supercars are one hell of stunning fast rides than the average cars. But they're always a sorry sight when they come crashing.

A Ferrari 458 and Porsche 911 were involved in a horrific collision that wrecked both.


The driver was driving at a high speed when he lost control and smashed into an oncoming Porsche

The crash happened in South Yorkshire UK and Naijauto learnt the Ferrari driver, Carl Hartley, a 32-year-old man, was driving at a high speed when he lost control and smashed into an oncoming Porsche supercar whose driver was also speeding.

The Porsche driver, Henry Hibbs, 27, sustained a minor injury while Hartley fled the scene after causing the accident. The police soon reached and detained him. The accident culprit admitted being involved in the supercar crash but reasoned that his broken car brakes should be blamed.


What was left of the Porsche after the collision with the Ferrari

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Further discoveries show that Hartley's father is a supercar dealer whose customers are all celebrities and millionaires. The Porsche 911 is said to be worth £100,000 (₦47 million), while the Ferrari 458 is valued at £200,000 (₦93.3 million).


Hartley's father, Tom Hartley, is a supercar dealer

Video: Supercar super smash! Ferrari and Porsche collide in £230K crash

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From investigations carried out, the Ferrari never had a braking problem with CCTV footage placed at several locations capturing the two drivers driving at very high speed

Hartley and Hibbs appeared before a Sheffield Crown court where the magistrate found them to be guilty of unsafe and dangerous driving.

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