These Ferrari cars are 10 biggest failures of the automaker


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Flamboyant as it sounds, Ferrari has produced some disappointing models which can be considered their biggest failures in history. Check those 10 failed Ferrari cars below!

Ferrari is one brand that a lot of people want to get, especially artistes, but along the way, a lot of mistakes have been discovered from their products. Let’s go and take a look at some of their failed models collected by; the causes and those things they could improve on consequently.

Top 10 failed Ferrari models

1. Ferrari 208 GTS

The Ferrari 208 GTS is reported to have been too slow, though it looks attractive on the outside. Critics believe that it was built horribly and so, it’s not worthy to carry the name, Ferrari.


The Ferrari 208 GTS is claimed to have 150 mph max speed

2. Ferrari FXX

The Ferrari FXX is a good example of a car that had a lot of potentials but wasn’t able to meet standards. The problem it has is the fact that it is worth a lot of money, but unfortunately it could not reach the level automobile lovers hoped it would.


Despite its expensive price tags, what it can offer is limited

3. Ferrari 400

Some Ferrari models suffer the problem of old school vibe. In other words, their overall performance is too low for the status of their manufacturers and present technology. An example of a car that suffers from this problem is the Ferrari 400.

It's time the automaker erased this model out of its catalogue

4. Ferrari F50

There are some Ferrari models that the public just doesn’t vouch for. The reason is that it is either lacking in a particular area or just doesn’t meet up with set standards. And because of these reasons, the public have not shown interest in them. A good example of a car that lacks public appraisal is the Ferrari F50.


This is one of the most underestimated cars in the auto industry

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5. Ferrari Mondial B

When this model was first released, it constantly had issues with its engine and its electric stuff even though it looked nice. This made a lot of people run far away from it. The structure was reported to not have been done carefully and logically.


The Mondial B contains plenty of problems

6. Ferrari F14 T

Even though this car was made specifically for racing, it couldn’t win just one race. This comes from the fact that it wasn’t built up to standard; it didn’t have the kind of speed that was expected. It became open to criticism from the public who had expected it to work better.


Ferrari F14 T is literally a failure in any race it attends

7. Ferrari 208 GTB

This particular model had a bunch of issues with its engine. It could easily get overpowered by a pickup truck heavier than it if both go on a race. This singular mistake makes it a totally out of existence car.


The pic says it all, this car has problems with its engine

8. Ferrari California

This car like the Ferrari F14 T was built for racing, but just couldn’t stand beside its counterparts. Its overall structure is nothing to write home about and Ferrari would have preferred to take it back if possible.


The Ferrari California should have been a street car instead of a racing model

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9. Ferrari 348 TB

This particular model, after its release was noticed to have problems with durability and its engine. It was seen as a failure, so no one wanted to get close to it not to talk of getting interested in it.


Ferrari 348 TB is not as durable as expected

10. Ferrari Testarossa

This model was embraced when it was first displayed, but later when it was noticed that the structure was built too poorly, it became a problem. Critics go on to say that it would continue to have problems because of its poor structure.


The design was embraced at first but then criticised for poor structure

Possible Ferrari problems in other models also

Also, the Ferrari company has made it to the top due to its past performance. They were very dependable in the past but recently, they haven’t been focusing much on this anymore. They eventually have had beautiful cars built in their name but they haven’t been able to remain on that spot for dependability.

1. Steering issues

Again, Ferrari has always had steering issues with the development of their cars and it is very risky, driving cars that have issues with their steering especially on busy roads.  Taking a look at all Ferrari models and looking at the fact that they are expensive makes enthusiasts very sad.

2. Faulty engines

Furthermore, as seen from these failed cars, Ferrari models have had faulty engines. It has now become a norm for a buyer of Ferrari product to have a mindset of checking up on the engines from time to time because there’s a high possibility that it would suddenly develop fault.

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See the illustration of Ferrari evolution from 1947!

3. Bad transmissions

In addition, another reason the above models have failed arose from the problem of transmissions. Over time, most Ferrari vehicles were noticed to have had transmission issues. Most buyers have had to get new transmissions from time to time at a very alarming rate. Worthy of mention is also the fact that transmissions are not cheap to get and fixed, coupled with the fact that the Ferraris are always very expensive. Critics and car users have lamented the fact that they were not built with utmost focus in comparison to their prices.

4. Failing brakes

Another reason critics think they failed was the fact that they had failing brakes. This car manufacturer has been known for producing sport cars and is expected to build strong and great brakes but that is not the case as a lot of their vehicles have brake failures and we know the end result; the users always suffer it.

5. Air conditioner /heater issues

Again, Ferrari vehicles suffer from air-conditioner and heater problems which cause discomfort to the car user. Finally, they appear just too expensive for their overall performance. This drives people to buy Ferrari products for reputation and not for actual performance.

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