The massive Ferrari car collection at London biggest car showroom: a new type of tourist attraction?


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London is the British capital and home to many vastly wealthy people with more than enough to throw around. Take a look at these epic Ferraris at a super cool dealership! You may want to pay here a visit if have chance to come to London!

There is no doubt about the concentration of super-rich people in London, which is British capital. For this, amazing car dealerships find this beautiful city a place to have their presence. Among these car dealerships is Joe Macari, which is without controversy one of the very best.

You would be taken off your feet when you decide to take a closer look at the company’s website to check out the Ferrari car collection already on display at their showroom. Are these cars for sale? Definitely yes!


At Joe Macari, there are some products of Ferrari you might find so hard to see someplace else

One of these incredible cars you cannot but notice is the peculiar LaFerrari, who used to be Jay Kay’s own. It seems like the most distinctive of all with eye-popping shade of green paint. Formerly, it was listed to be sold with just 3,058 km.

Two Ferrari Enzos are also available at the dealership. Out of the two is the only model with bare carbon fiber body. It was made known that Carrozeria Zanasi was responsible for the design of the carbon fiber model few years back.

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The Greatest Supercar Showroom - Welcome to Joe Macari

Other cars you would see in this dealership include 599 GTO pair, exclusive 599 SA Aperta, 488 Pista and a 250 SWB. Besides the Ferrari models, there is an eye catching Lamborghini Miura, McLaren Senna blue, and a McLaren 675LT Spider.


London & Dubai are famous for having vast deposit of amazing car collections

So, if you are car enthusiast, you might want to find time and visit this amazing dealership like Joe Macari and other places around the world.


Supercars are scattered around the showroom like toys

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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