Official! The new Ferrari 812 GTS is the most powerful production convertible in the world


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The new Ferrari 812 GTS open-top takes the first spot as the world's most powerful convertible production-series.

A report just got to us here on Naijauto, that the Italian automaker, Ferrari, has just unveiled the new Ferrari 812 GTS model, which is an open-top version of the Superfast 812, slated not as limited run but a regular model series.

Just a week ago, there were confirmations of rumours circulating with regards to the creation of an 812 topless version by Maranello, which came after the car’s leak at an exclusive event.


With 789 horsepower, the new Ferrari 812 GTS convertible is indeed a top prancing horse

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The new GTS features similar hardware like that on the Superfast, which means it is powered by a V12 naturally-aspirated 6.5-liter engine with an output of 789 horsepower and 529 pound feet of torque, with a maximum torque at 7,000 rpm, making it the world’s most powerful series-production convertible.

For its performance, it is close to the 812 with fixed top. The automaker believes that this new model has the ability to accelerate from a standstill of zero to 62 mph in less than 3 secs, 8.3 secs for zero to 124 mph and a peak speed of 211 mph.


The new GTS 812 is not all about speed and a.sporty look, it offers a well styled and elegant cabin design

For like half a century now, the Ferrari 812 GTS convertible is the first front-mounted open-top V12 speed monster in series-production. The last one was the Daytona Spider, which is also known as 364 GTS4. Ever since then, customers of Ferrari were offered models such as Superamerica in 2005, 550 Barchetta in 2000, F60 America in 2014 and SA Aperta in 2010, which are all models of limited-series.


The 812 GTS comes equipped with lots of mouthwatering features for both driver and passengers

The newly introduced GTS offers a closing and opening retractable hard-top in a remarkable 14 secs and at speeds up to 45 km/hr. it also features a rear screen (electrically-operated), playing the role of wind buffer, which when the roof is closed, can also be lowered.  This will allow the occupants of the car to enjoy the exhaust note and soundtrack on the V12 more.

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Ferrari 812 GTS video debut

The 812’s new spider version offers a new tonneau cover and 2 buttresses, and a compartment for luggage, which are features of a redesigned rear. The automaker has also reshaped the diffuser at the rear and added a flap, acting as compensation for the lack of aero by-pass of Superfast, above the fenders at the rear.

The car manufacturer has also offered an additional 2 small L-shaped flaps on the windscreen’s upper corners, to assist in keeping the aerodynamics and turbulence noise under control. This according to Ferrari will help those occupying the car to have a conversation without any form of disturbance at high speeds.

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