Femi Otedola’s oil company completes Lekki road rehabilitation


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Femi Otedola's Forte Oil Plc helped build new roads from the abandoned ones.

 have kept skeptical about the kindness of people that gravitates more towards selfishness and vanity so much that they turn down any chance to help others.

The smarter and more developed our world is, the less we witness the charitable hearts lending a hand helping the homeless on the streets.

So that Forte Oil Plc, which is in possession of the affluent tycoon Femi Otedola, upgrades bad roads into perfect ones seems one of the most precious things. The improved roads are located at a spot that connects the nearby roads to the Lekki Phase 1 service station.

Some say this is just of the marketing purpose and the benefits of the company but not their true good aims to make better for the community are what drives Femi Otedola’s company to such a thing.

Needless to say, this bears good fruits for the residents in the surroundings and we should acknowledge that.

On the company’s official Instagram, it shares a before/after photo of the road which Naijauto.com would like to name it the hell and heaven.

Forte oil Plc post on its new roads

Forte Oil Plc helped build new roads from the abandoned ones

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