Female passenger engages the brake for the taxi driver to get out and fight


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She was in charge of the brake pedal for the driver while he getting out for a fight.

A woman @chieflady on Twitter shared her moment of taking over the job of a taxi driver during his … fight!

A Nigerian female's foot on the pedal

She was in charge of the pedal for the driver to go fighting

On his taxi crashing into the Toyota Camry in front, the driver instructed @chieflady in a breeze so that he could get out to teach the other driver a lesson.

The tweet was almost in Yoruba, so in case you can’t understand, check our interpretation down below.

[center]Im tired of lagos. Driver scratched one toyota Camry badly and still challenged the man. Next thing driver said sisi mi Jo ba mi teh brake ki yi.. Maa no man yi pa.. He got down. For a moment I discovered so many lives are in my hands. Dear Lord.

Man was throwing blows and shouting at me.. Sisi mi jo Maa gbe ese kuro ni brakioooo…

Then faced the man wo aiye e maa baje leeni�

Everyone were actually scared tho.

The woman at my back was just shouting oluwa o..

Ta lo ni kin wo motor yi

My phone rang and she shouted Jo maa gbe phone o

What if soldier ant bin bite me?

Oluwa ooo�

The Camry guy beat my driver tho..

Beat am gan walai..

He even forgot to pick his native cap..

The woman that was at my back said

Enu nikan leni pelu gbogbo gragra ten shee. Won sha ti na yin. Ara yin ti Baale���������[/center]

The story goes like this:

This woman caught a taxi which afterward hit a Camry in front. This ignited his anger and he decided to give the Toyota Camry’s driver a lesson.

To get out to confront the other driver, he asked the woman to keep the brake engaged.

Spotting the hesitation from the woman who was pressured by the lives of others being in her hands, the cab driver screamed at her not to leave the brake. The cab driver, then, went to the Camry and told to the Camry’s owner that his life would be put at risk today.

This gave everyone goosebumps. A woman in the rear seat even swore the God’sname deafeningly, tormented about the decision to get on this cab.

The woman felt like the Soldier ant might have bitten her. Consequently, the Camry’s owner handled the taxi driver neatly that he couldn’t even pick up his own hat.

The panicked rear passenger added salt to the cab driver’s injury with an extra lesson saying his fury ironically defamed himself and now he got only his mouth to brag.

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