Nigeria’s first female combat helicopter pilot loses life in a car accident


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Major "Heartbreak" hit the Nigerian Air Force after news broke that the nation's first female combat helicopter pilot has died in a car crash. Read more!

A piece of shocking and heartbreaking news broke out a few days back confirming the death of Nigeria’s first-ever female combat helicopter pilot, Tolulope Arotile.

Press reports claim that she was just 24-years old as at the time of her death and it's barely even up to 8 months since she was conferred with her prestigious title. No one would ever imagine that an “expert” of the sky could ever die from a road accident caused by a “mistake”.


Nigeria’s first and youngest female combat pilot, Arotile recently lost her life in a road crash – NAF

According to press reports, Tolulope Arotile died right inside the NAF base in Kaduna on Tuesday 14th of July 2020 following an unfortunate car accident.

The reports claim that one of Arotile’s ex-classmate saw her while driving along the same area and was hastily trying to reverse the car in a bid to greet Arotile but rather mistakenly knocked her down in the process.

The young pilot reportedly hit a part of her head on the floor which is treated with tarmac; this subsequently led to her suffering some head injuries that caused her sudden death despite being rushed to the hospital immediately after the incident.

Below is a recent Tweet by the Nigerian Air Force confirming this incident:

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Tolulope Arotile was born on the 13th of December, 1995 to the Akintunde Arotile’s family based in Kaduna state but hails from Kogi state. NAF says she was a highly committed young flying officer who was popularly known for her outstanding and significant contributions to the fight against banditry and terrorism in Nigeria.

Below is a press video revealing Tolulope Arotile’s biography and other information about the late pilot:

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