Government launched investigation as Federal agency MD acquired a ₦140m bulletproof SUV as official car


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The MD of a federal agency is running from pillar to post after purchasing a bulletproof Toyota SUV worth ₦140m. This move has gotten the Presidency angry, resulting in an investigation. Read more details below!

The Managing Director of one of the Federal government agencies in the country has landed himself in hot soup for acquiring a bulletproof Toyota SUV worth ₦140 million as his official vehicle.

This move is said to have infuriated the Presidency who couldn't hide their displeasure with the acquisition. And to that end, had gone to question the MD's decision in spending such a huge amount of money buying the official car when his administration is fighting corruption and reckless extravagance among government officials.

Currently, the matter has caused a stir and according to Naijauto's reports, an investigation has begun, to ascertain how the sum of money was approved despite the serious scrutinization of every financial request made by the various ministries and agencies.


The bulletproof Toyota SUV is worth ₦140 million

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The Managing Director is now running back and forth, trying to have an audience with President Buhari's kitchen cabinet close to him as a series of petitions have been written against him.

Naijauto could recall that, in September, there was a plan by the Senate to spend ₦5.5 billion on official cars for Nigerian Federal lawmakers which was met with fierce resistance from the citizens. With the various economic challenges facing the country, purchasing a car for such amount of money is uncalled-for when there are other national issues on ground, such as the rehabilitation of bad roads and security. The acquisition of such expensive cars is not in the interest and betterment of Nigeria and her citizens.

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