FCT Administration bans DRTS from inspecting vehicles at early morning hours


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The Administration of the Federal Capital Territory has now placed a new ban on early morning inspection of vehicles by DRTS officers.

Officers of the DRTS (Directorate of Road Traffic Services) have now been banned by the FCT administration from inspecting particulars of vehicles before 10 a.m in Abuja during weekdays and weekends.


FCTA bans early morning inspection of vehicle particulars in Abuja by DRTS officers before 10 am

The FCT Ministerial Task team Chairman on Traffic Management, Mr Ikharo Attah gave this new directive in Abuja on Monday 24th of February 2020 while giving a public statement.

It should be recalled that not too long ago, the FCTA had actually directed DRTS personnel to commence vehicle inspection within the city from 9 a.m in the morning. however, it seems that the newly announced 10 a.m (an additional 1 hour) must have been added to solve gridlock issues after several meetings with stakeholders. As a matter of fact, Mr Attah briefly explained in his statement that the new decision was made because of various complaints from Abuja residents about how the previous 9 a.m inspection time has compounded traffic jams causing serious waste of time during those early morning hours.

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Mr Ikharo Attah also mentioned that there wouldn’t be any going back on the previous decision by FCTA to imposes the restriction of Heavy-duty vehicles’ movement to only off-peak periods in the city. Mr Attah warned and stressed that violators of this order will face severe sanctions. Below is an excerpt from Mr Ikharo Attah’s recent statement on the new ban;

“The road traffic officers of various agencies must focus on freeing traffic from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m.

“They are to commence checking and inspecting vehicles and their particulars from 10 a.m across the city.

“The enforcement does not affect the stopping and arrest of heavy duty vehicles driving during peak traffic periods.

“Any of such vehicles must be stopped from plying the road in accordance with approved policy to avert fatal road crashes occasioned by break failures usually associated with such heavy duty vehicles,”

Will this new ban be effective enough in stopping early morning traffic in Abuja?

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